Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wrapping Up A Busy Week!

The fall decorations are put away, the turkey is gone, most of the Christmas decorations are up and I finished my next Layer Cake Quilt Along block. Wow! It has been busy at my house!  But why aren't the lights on the top third of my tree working?  I'm still not sure.  We also took a wonderful trip to Universal Studios in Orlando last week.  How could I leave that out?

Layer Cake Quilt Along Block Designed By Vickie Eapen 

Tomorrow it is back to the school routine again.  But not for long!  Only three weeks until the next holiday break, but between exams, holiday activities, a few more golf and soccer tournaments (didn't I say we were done with that for a while?) it will be busy!  I'll have to sneak some quilting in somewhere!  How are you finding time to get projects finished during the busy holiday season? Let me know.  I'd love to hear how you do it!      

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Quilt Hollow said...

I'm it all...never! I'm trying but look...I'm at the computer so how can I possibly get much done!