Sunday, March 8, 2020

March Charm Square madness

Being from North Carolina originally and graduating from UNC, I couldn't resist titling this post March Charm Square madness!

 We are all about our college basketball, and since the tournament is upon us and all of the Charm Square photos for this month's Scraps-Along are top notch, I thought the title was appropriate.

Let's get started with a picture from Bobbie.  She had some embroidery that she completed about 18 months ago that she spent about 500 hours working on.  That's impressive!   She added some coordinating Charm Squares and made a table runner.  I admire the use of purple here because I'm always saying there isn't enough purple in quilting. Bobbie went on to quilt it simply and use a stitch that mimicked the tendrils of her hand embroidery.  It's beautiful! 

This another picture from Bobbie with a Charm Pack storage and organization tip.  She found these CD racks at her Goodwill store for only $2.97 and put them to good use as Charm Pack storage. Brilliant, Bobbie! Thank you!

The next great idea is from Heather M. She made this beautiful 52 X 52 inch quilt with two Charm Packs and some background fabric.  That's a big quilt with only two Charm Packs!  She sent in a photo with the magazine that includes the pattern and the Charm Packs she used, so I added it below.  I'm going to see if I have that magazine, and you might want to look through your magazines for it too!

This is from Missy. She is a nurse and she recently acquired some scrub tops from another nurse who recently retired, so she cut them up into 5 inch squares, added a few of her own, and made quilt to donate to the Pediatric ICU.  I love that she cut them up and used them right away so they didn't just sit in her sewing room.  I need to channel some of her quickness over here.  My sewing room would really look much neater if I did!  This is a sweet and generous idea Missy! 

This fun Twisty Heart was made by Carol B.  She's had the tool for awhile and then decided to look through her stash for enough 5 x 5 inch red fabrics to create this beautiful heart, just in time for Valentine's Day!  You all are giving us such good ideas for Charm Packs!  I'm pausing for a moment to pull out my Twisty Tool so I don't forget about this.  I'll be right back...... 

This lovely Charm Party Tote was sewn by Donna F. for a friend who is going on a cruise.  Donna says this pattern is a tried and true favorite of hers. The pattern is by Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated.  I'm sure Donna's friend is thrilled with the gift of such a nice tote! 

There are many more tips and projects using Charm Squares, so be sure to check them out on Sherri McConnell's blog, A Quilting Life!

Next month's challenge involves Mini Charm Packs!

These cute little 2.5 inch squares are so versatile.

They can be a great way to see if you love a fabric line before investing a large purchase and they also make great little projects, and great big projects for that matter!

Some of my favorite Mini Charm projects are in the Little Snippets series of patterns by Carrie Nelson, like this one I made called Speck.

As I was typing, I remembered a project I did for the Fat Quarter Shop a few years ago that's a big project with Mini Charms. It's called Mini Charm Chocolates and here's a link to my post which will tell you where to find the free pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop.

And here's a link to a post I found that Sherri wrote about uses for Mini Charms called 15 Mini Charm Pack Projects that is really helpful.

Send in your tips and projects involving one of my favorite pre-cuts, the Mini Charm, before the end of March so we can share them.

Have fun with your Mini Charms!