Thursday, August 1, 2019

It's August!


It is again time for Minis and More!

You can find the entire Parade here on my blog today as Sherri is busy with some other quilty things!  She'll be back for the next Parade and you can always find her on her blog A Quilting Life.

Can you believe we're beginning August?

I sure can't.

I've been spending my time quilting this Bennington Schnibble, that I made back in 2012 and staying out of the heat.

My youngest son is in college, and here in Florida college kids usually go to school during the summer one year.

As far as we could tell, this was the best year for him to do that so, he's been away at school.

 I think that has a lot to do with why I feel like the summer has gone by so fast.

With him in school, it doesn't seem as much like summer and being that I'm a huge fan of fall I actually really don't mind summer going by too quickly!

And since we're talking about fall, let's talk about our Minis and More theme for the September Parade.

You guessed it!  It's fall!

Just send in a picture of your fall project to Sherri or to me and we'll be happy to put it in the next Parade.

Anything fall goes!

Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern by the Fat Quarter Shop, quilt by me.

Something with fall fabric, anything with falling leaves or pumpkins, whatever speaks fall to you.

I've got a quilt planned that I'm hoping to get started on soon, and that will be my fall project.  

Yesterday in Target, I saw some Mrs. Meyer's cleaner with an apple cider scent.  I looked it up and it seems that they have an acorn spice scent too.

 I'm not really sure what acorn spice would smell like, but I'm thinking I'll have to pick some of it up the next time I'm there to bring in fall a little early. 

Endless Summer Mini Pattern by Sherri McConnell, quilt by me.

Maybe I'll just ignore the 96 degree temperatures and all of that lovely humidity, spray some of that cleaner around the room, hope it cleans by itself hahah, and break out the fabric for the fall quilt that I was just talking about.

What do you think?

Sounds like the perfect activity for a hot summer day to me!

This post is turning out to be a mishmash of different seasons as we continue on to our Parade of projects today and these cookies fit in perfectly.

You could have made them on the Fourth Of July as I have before, or in the fall before a football game and fire pit party, and I don't see why they couldn't fit in as Christmas cookies too!

I've made them several times and each time they're a hit!

I use the cinnamon graham crackers to add a little sweetness like Amanda recommends and I'd also like to add that I play around a little with the placement of the mini marshmallows, so more of them are on the top of the cookie than on the bottom.  That way they don't ooze out too much. Amanda uses the really, really, really tiny marshmallows, but I can't always find them.

Now that you've grabbed a cookie, let's get the Christmas Parade started.

Brenda made The Fat Quarter Shop's Charm Pack Christmas Tree Skirt with Layer Cake pieces from Bonnie and Camille's Vintage Holiday fabric.  Isn't her quilting awesome?  I love it!  To read more about it and to see what else Brenda has been up to be sure to visit her blog The Quilting Nook.

Hildy also used Bonnie and Camille fabrics in her holiday pillow.  Creative as always, Hildy based her pillow on an Emily Dennis Quilt Star pattern.  What a nice photo!   And I love how the middle fabric is cut to let the ornaments shine!

I took some of these trees that were left over from a Mini Juniper quilt that I made (the quilt pattern was from Fig Tree Quilts)  and I whipped up a few quick ornaments from them, so I'm ready to go with a few little gifts if I need them!

Don't forget to send in your fall project pictures before the end of the month.

 We'd love to have you here!