Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Endless Summer

I recently put the binding on my Endless Summer quilt that I made way back in 2011!

The beginning of the summer season is the perfect time to to do post about this quilt, but I didn't plan the timing of my finish that way.

Endless Summer is a mini quilt pattern my Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts that we did as a project for the LePetite group a few years ago.

It's one that I liked so much that I put off finishing it.

 Am I the only one that does that?

Sometimes the projects I like the best are the ones that I don't complete quickly because I can't decide how to finish them.

It may be the quilting or the binding that holds me back.

Anyway, I'm glad that I can now call quilt done!

The fabrics are from the Sweetwater line Sunkissed.  Possibly one of my favorite lines ever!

Perfect fabric for a quilt called Endless Summer.

You can read more about it on my blog post here if you'd like.

Happy beginning of summer!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Popsicle preview

I've been putting my Popsicles together and the other day I decided it was time that I took a picture and gave you a preview, since the Minis and More Parade is just around the corner.

Popsicles is the new pattern by Joanna Figueroa that Sherri and I are featuring for Minis and More this month.

Joanna's pattern is for a table runner, but I decided to go rogue and make mine into a mini quilt!

You know I'm all about minis!

The fabrics are sherbet colors, mostly from Sweetwater's Noteworthy line, with some Sunkissed and some Nine Dots mixed in too.

The borders go on next, then I'll have a finished quilt top to show in the 

While I was outside with my helpers taking some quilt pictures, I took some of my hydrangea too.

The blooms look so big and nice I wanted to show you.

I've had this plant for a few years and each year I love it even more than the last! 

Time to get the chipotle burgers and potato salad ready for our cookout tonight.

We have a birthday to celebrate and we are also remembering the fallen on Memorial Day.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey everyone!

It's the second day of May and it's time for the Minis and More Parade!

Some exciting stuff going on here in the Parade this month.

 The first exciting thing is that Sherri and I will be giving out a prize package after this Parade to one of our participants this quarter.

Fun quilting goodies will be on the way to someone very soon!

The next exciting thing is our pattern for next month's Parade.

I'm so excited about it that I'm changing it up a bit this month and telling you about the new pattern before we start the Parade.

 It's a brand new one that only came out a few days ago!

A Popsicle project just in time for the start of summer!

This is an adorable table runner that was available in a box that Joanna sent out last week.  The response to it was so great, that she decided to release the pattern in her shop earlier than expected. You can see beautiful pictures and read more about it in Joanna's blog post about the new Popsicle Table Runner. 

This picture is from the Fig Tree and Co. Shop.

Joanna hints that a larger version may be in the works, which I might just have to make too.

My head is spinning with all of the fabrics that could be used for different Popsicle flavors!

And now for the Open House!

  - Thanks to Helen L. who was so clever to think of using the phrase 'Open House' for this Parade -

 Village by Carrie Nelson was the featured pattern this month!

It's a pretty big quilt made up of lots and lots of house blocks. 

Parade participants chose whether or not they wanted to keep it big or make it small.

I always love to see the different quilts or projects that you all make using the same pattern!  

This one is Mindy's! She used all Fig Tree and Co. scraps and she had a good time making the houses! Mindy is looking forward to the quilting and she's thinking about doing a darker binding.  It looks great Mindy, and I just love those soft colors. It makes me think of me of beach houses.

And here is a recent picture of my progress.  I've made a few more houses and I plan to make a few each day out of totally random scraps. I'm mixing fabric lines and styles.  Wow,  some of my fabric goes way back!  I was kind of surprised at how much I like it so far, considering all of that.  It will take me awhile to dig through all of my scraps and get it finished, but I'm okay with that.

Be sure to catch the other half of the Parade later today on Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life.

 There will be more wonderful Village Quilts over there.

Hildy loved this pattern so much that she made two quilts!  That's impressive!

Now I'm off to make some Popsicles for my next project!