Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Showers

Only when I started thinking about writing this post, did it occurred to me that it was really timely to be starting this quilt right now.

A few weeks back I started cutting April Showers fabric to make Camille's Puddle Jumping pattern.  Definitely a great pattern and fabric line to be working on when April begins! And with all the clouds and rain we've been having, Puddle Jumping is what we've been doing lately.

I loved this fabric line and this pattern from the beginning. Maybe so much so, that I hesitated to start it for fear I'd mess it up.  Does anyone else do that?  It sounds silly as I'm typing it, but sometimes I put off doing the things I'd like to do, because maybe they won't go as well as I think they will, or because I want to have something great to look forward to working on.

I decided this quilt was going to the top of my to do list no matter what, and I'd start cutting in-between completing a few UFO's.  Cutting is my least favorite part of the process, so I figured cutting some of it here and there would make it less painful for me and sure enough, before I knew it I had most of the quilt cut and ready to go!  

And now we've come to the block above, my first one!  I was planning to be able to show you at least two completed blocks, but in my haste to get the other finished and photographed last night, I sewed it together wrong and ran out of daylight. Ugh!

One picture of one block will have to do for today!  I'm looking forward to making more.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is the AYOS And A Little Bit More Parade coming up in the next few days.  Although I didn't make the Sampler quilt designed by Carrie Nelson that was chosen for the AYOS pattern this month, I can't wait to see what everyone else has done with it!

Visit the blogs of both Sinta and Sherri to see the entire AYOS parade in the next few days.  I'm eager to see what these kind ladies have in store for next month's pattern.

Maybe you'll join in too!