Friday, December 28, 2012

A morsel

Here it is!  

The first pincushion I've ever made!

Now I see why everyone seems to like making them so much.

From picking out the scraps, to sewing on the trim and the buttons, and even filling it up with walnut shells, making this pincushion was such a fun project.

Great for some quilting instant gratification!

I used some Sew Mama Sew scraps from my Dimestore quilt with some random grey fabric from my stash.

I have no idea why I have that grey fabric.  It looks like I bought enough to have a plan for it, but what that plan was I just don't know. 

I do love how it works in this pincushion!

The red fabric on the back is a Moda grunge.  A scrap from a recently completed border. 

When I saw how the grey in the grunge went with the front of the pincushion, I had to use it!   

This all came about because Morsel is the pattern of the month for the Another Year Of Schnibbles parade coming up soon on Sherri's blog and Sinta's too.

A very special thank you to Sherri, Sinta, and of course Carrie too for such a fun year filled with wonderful projects and friendships! 


Monday, December 24, 2012

The last minute

It's not to late to make this tasty treat!  Sweet and salty?  You can't go wrong!  

We often have them as movie snacks or a quick sweet treat to take to a party.

They're a guaranteed winner!

You'll need waffle shaped pretzels....regular shaped pretzels will work too, Hershey Kisses or Hugs, and some m&m's.

Heat your oven to 170 degrees and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

  Put the pretzels down and place your Kisses and/or Hugs on top.  

Bake for about 3-4 minutes, it depends on your oven, until the candy is soft.  

Then take them out and quickly press the m&m's on top.

 Let them cool for a few minutes then put them in the refrigerator to set.  Fifteen minutes worked for me.  

I let them come back to room temperature, then I put them in some cute Christmas bags to give to friends and neighbors along with some homemade cookies.

These sweet salty treats would make a great New Year's party food too.

I got this recipe years ago from Family Fun magazine.  They have so many great ideas!

Merry Christmas friends!

Enjoy celebrating the season!

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's new to me

Things have been crazy busy around here. 

I'm hoping to find some time to finish this little project up before Christmas.

It gives the fabric line Countdown to Christmas more meaning to me, because that's certainly what I'm doing!  Counting the days going by quickly!

My Christmas decorations are up and ready!  They have been for a few weeks, but I've found something new!  Or at least it's new to me.

Have you seen these flameless candles?

I had thought about getting one, then I decided they sounded sort of cheesy.  I mean a fake candle?  Sounds ridiculous, right?

Wrong!  One happened to jump in my cart at Target the other day..........Which day I really couldn't tell you. I seem to end up there almost every day lately............So I had no choice, but to give this flameless candle a try.

It is really neat!  It has a timer and everything! It's made with scented wax and it even flickers like a real candle too.  I love that I can put it anywhere.  No worries about that pesky flame!

Way better than I would have expected! Not that I won't get a real candle again, but flameless candles certainly belong in my house!

So am I the only one who hadn't tried these candles until recently?  I'm glad I did.  They're a fun little treat!

Or maybe even a last minute gift idea. Is it time to say last minute yet? 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I couldn't resist

I just found these amazing Kate Spain plates at Michael's.  They'll be great to use when I'm giving cookies and treats away this season.

Love them!

Just thought I'd pass it along! You may be able to find some too!