Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A pink and red Parade

In the Minis and More Parade this month, we're featuring the colors red and pink!

Any quilt project with the color red or the color pink is great for this Parade.

Usually half of the Parade is on Sherri McConnell's blog, A Quilting Life and the other half is here on my blog.

Sherri is creating some beautiful quilts today with her brand new fabric line Creekside, so to give her some extra sewing time I offered to host the whole Parade this month.

 All of the Parade projects can be seen here this time while Sherri is busy sewing.

She'll be back hosting half of the Parade next month and in the meantime, we'll all be waiting patiently to get a look at the new fabric and quilts by Sherri and Chelsi!

Our first red project was sent in by someone new to the Minis and More Parade, Kim from Lilly Patch Quilts.  Her daughter Sarah made this amazing red and white scrap quilt for a fall semester class and she liked it so much, she just kept making it larger.  What a beautiful quilt!  Welcome Kim and Sarah!

This wonderful runner was created by Karen!  She used a red and pink charm pack of Ever After by Deb Strain to make this beautiful runner.  Karen added some black fabrics from her stash for the background of this stunning project.  This is amazing Karen!

Our next entry is from Brenda.  She created her own red and pink heart design this month and it's a beauty!  Be sure to read her blog post where she goes into detail about how she designed and made this adorable mini quilt for this cute stand near her foyer.  How creative!

Hildy made Fig Tree's Mini Blossom quilt with a combination of red fabric by Sherri, and pink and red fabric by Bonnie and Camille.  I love how they go together so well!  Great choices Hildy!  She also creatively added her own twist to the pattern and changed it up a bit.  Gorgeous mini quilt!  

This beautiful pink and red Swoon block that Mindy made into a mini quilt is lovely!  Mindy used Bonnie and Camille fabric and did some beautiful straight line quilting.  Check out that fabric bowl that Mindy recently completed too! Inspiring sewing projects Mindy! 

That concludes this month's Parade!

Sherri and I are so excited about next month!

We're featuring the new Mini Ferris Wheel pattern by Joanna Figueroa.

Image of mini Ferris Wheel from Fig Tree and Co. by Joanna Figueroa.

This will be a fun one to make!

It uses a charm pack and some background fabric.

There are no templates or specialty rulers involved.

 I'm excited to get started!   

You can find the pattern in the Fig Tree and Co. shop.

There is a pattern for a large version of this quilt too.

Either size would be fine to make for the Parade.

Also, I'm happy to announce that the winner of the Minis and More prize from last month's Parade was a new participant in our Parade, Mary-Laura!

We can't wait to see all of the Ferris Wheels in the April Parade!

Don't forget to send in the picture of your Ferris Wheel quilt at the end of March.

Since the first falls on a Saturday, we'll have the Parade on Monday April 3rd.

Everyone is welcome!