Thursday, June 11, 2020

Juggling some fat quarter projects in June

Hello! I hope everyone is well and staying safe!

It's certainly warming up here in Florida. 

Okay, it's actually really hot right now, and throw in lots of humidity too and we've got summer!

I'll stop fanning the heat away for a moment and get to the Scraps-Along fat quarter post.

I'm glad you're joining me.

If you don't mind, when you get to the end of the post if you have a moment, please leave a comment and let me know where you're from. 

It's been awhile since I asked, and I'm just curious about where everyone is this summer.  

Heather M.'s son is really going places, because he wants to be a pilot!  I'm putting this quilt that Heather made for him front and center today because flying is pretty important in my house too.  I really should make one of these quilts for a certain someone.  The pattern is Aviator by Lella Boutique and the fabric is Sweet Tea by Sweetwater.  Heather did the free motion quilting in large loops herself on her Janome machine and it looks spectacular!

Wow!  Look at this shower curtain!  Isn't it amazing?  I've made lots of things with fat quarters, but never a shower curtain!  What a cool idea!  Shari T. really hit this challenge out of the park and I'm so glad she shared it with us.   She says it's simply a few fat quarter bundles sewn together.  How fun!  

These beautiful totes were made by Kathie K.  It was her first attempt at making tote bags and I'd say it was definitely a success!  She says the fat quarter challenge also inspired her to purge and refold her fat quarter collection.  She's waiting for an order of new containers to arrive so she can freshen up her storage scene!  Great photo Kathie!

The next two photos are form Bobbie Z.  The first one is this bright triangle quilt that she has been wanting to make for some time.  It took her a little bit to get started on it because she had read that matching up the points could be difficult, but with the help of some YouTube videos, Pinterest, and simply taking her time, Bobbie successfully completed the quilt!  It's beautiful Bobbie!  Way to try something difficult and see it through.  She is pleased with how it turned out and she encourages  everyone to challenge themselves. Very inspiring!

Bobbie's next photo is about her fat quarter storage.  She stores them either rolled or folded in these Contact Paper covered boxes.  Everything looks so nice and neat! For fun and color, she placed the flowers she received for Mother's Day from her children and grandchildren on the shelves also.   Thanks for the great ideas Bobbie!   

This entry is from Kate D.   She actually made two quits for the challenge!  She started out thinking she'd put the other blocks on the back of her quilt, then went with giving them a quilt of their own because she liked them so much.  The pattern is from Fresh Fat Quarter quilts by Andy Knowlton, which is a book she received for Mother's Day.  Kate used a fat quarter bundle of Wander by Joel Dewberry that she's had for awhile that worked perfectly in these quilts. Great job, Kate!   

Thanks to everyone for sending your photos and ideas in, and be sure to visit Sherri McConnell's blog, A Quilting Life for the other half of the Scraps Along Fat Quarter Challenge!

And while you're there, look at a previous post of Sherri's where she introduces her new quilt planner!

How fun is that?  I'm so excited about it!

The next challenge for the Scraps-Along is Honey Buns.

So dig them out, and send us your Honey Bun projects and tips before the end of JUNE.

Sherri McConnell's photo of Harper's Garden Honey Buns used with permission. 

And because we like you all so much, here's a head start on the project and tips we'd like you to send us before the end of JULY.....insert drum roll here.......Christmas!

This is my photo of a Christmas quilt I put together with variations of blocks by Carrie Nelson.

Get out your Honey Buns and your Christmas fabrics and start sewing and organizing, and we'll see you back here soon!