Friday, January 30, 2015

Mini-Kaleidoscope Quilt

This month's AYOS project was a Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt from a tutorial found on Julia's blogMy Rainboots Are Red

It has to be one of my favorites!

April Showers by Bonnie and Camille was the primary fabric line I used. There are a few of their other prints in the quilt, along with some low volume fabrics I picked out for the background.

I really love the effects that this quilt gives.  Close up it looks very different than far away.

 There are two different blocks here, but once you get them all sewn together it's difficult to see the blocks individually.

When I start the quilting I'm going to emphasize the pattern the blocks create when they're joined together.

Plenty of seams and points to match up here!

 I was a little concerned about how that was going to go, but it went together so easily!  I was amazed! 

A pin stuck through each point took a little extra time, but it helped get the quilt sewn together with very few redos!

I used the Smart Plate Kaleidoscope Ruler by Sharon Sebrow to cut both sets of blocks rather than the paper piecing method.

The ruler is wonderful!  The directions are so clear and it can be used to cut both sets of blocks. 

 Painters tape on the four inch block lines, as Julia suggested in her tutorial, made the cutting go very quickly.

The larger size ruler is what I ordered, because I can definitely see more of these Kaleidoscope quilts in my future!

Thanks to Sinta and Sherri for hosting the AYOS parade!

Check their blogs in the next few days to see some beautiful versions of Mini Kaleidoscope Quilts that have been made by talented quilters from all over the world!