Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Those s'more cookies are awesome, Mom!"

That's what my son just told me as I sat down to write a quick post about these cookies, so I'm using that as my title today!

I found this amazing recipe for Gooey S'mores Cookies by Amanda on her blog Kevin and Amanda earlier this week.  

We made them yesterday and they were truly so tasty that I had to share them with you! 

The cookie part is just wonderful and the Mini Hershey Kisses and the melty marshmallows put them over the top!!   

I did use the Mini Hershey Kisses and the cinnamon graham crackers that Amanda recommends, but I used the regular small marshmallows, not the really, really tiny size that she used in her recipe.

 I didn't need to go to Target yesterday, which is where it seems that you can find the really, really, extra tiny marshmallows, and I wanted to make these as soon as I could, so the regular small marshmallows would have to do.

You know the size I'm talking about, right?

Anyway, they worked well in the recipe, but the next time I make them, and that will be soon, I'll be sure to check that the marshmallows are near the top of the cookies or all the way underneath the cookies when I put them on the baking sheet.

You see, they tend to melt out the side if they are directly on the baking sheet at the side of the cookie. 

 No big deal, they still taste absolutely amazing, but I'm planning to bring them to a Fourth Of July gathering and watching the placement of the marshmallows would make all of them "take to a friend's house quality", if you know what I mean.

Or, I could just not worry about the marshmallows, keep the odd looking ones here, and eat them myself.

Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that option.

This recipe is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a sweet summer treat.

Oh, and not nearly as messy as traditional s'mores!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer sewing

We're enjoying summer here!

School's been out for awhile and we've been doing plenty of biking, camping, eating fun foods, watching movies and all that other great summer stuff!


 As far as summer sewing goes, right now I'm catching up on blocks for the Summer Sparkle Quilt Along by Faith Jones from Fresh Lemons at the Bernina blog We All Sew

 My house is covered in stars right now!

The ombre fabric by V and Co. has always interested me, but I never quite found a project for it until now.

These clean simple blocks and fabrics called out to me and I was quick to get started once I saw this fresh summer quilt.

Will I have it done in time to actually use it this summer?

Well, maybe not, but I'm sure giving it a try!

I did have a recent finish, quilted, bound and everything and I'll be back to share it with you soon.