Friday, November 10, 2017

The Mini Charm Chocolates Quilt

I've picked up lots of Mini Charm Packs over the years.

They're also known as Moda Candy.

Maybe that's why I have so many! Just like candy, Mini Charm Packs are hard to resist. 

Those 2.5 inch candy fabric squares are so cute and compact!

I do wonder how much of our Halloween candy we gave out last week and how much Halloween candy we actually ate ourselves.......

Maybe I shouldn't think about that right now and get back to talking about fabric.......

I've used Mini Charms for lots of small projects like bags and mini quilts and I've used them to simply check out a new fabric line to see if it's one that I'm really going to like. 

They're great to determine if I want to order a little fabric or lots of it.  And they can be helpful in deciding what prints I'm going to like for borders and backings, and what prints I won't use as much of in a quilt.

Recently, I was introduced to a new use for Mini Charms, which was surprising to me, making larger quilts out of Mini Charms!

I had the opportunity to join in the Mini Charm Chocolates Quilt Along with the Fat Quarter Shop and I jumped on it!

Mini Charms Packs are great when you have a few of them, but I was definitely interested in checking out a pattern with a variety of quilt sizes involving either 3, 11, or even 20 Mini Charm Packs! 

And there's a table runner option too!

After opening up 1 of my 11 Manderely Mini Charm Packs and gathering some of my favorite background fabric, Moda Grunge in the color Pool, I started on my lap size quilt.

I was able to start on the sewing part quickly, because the only fabric I had to cut was the background fabric, my Moda Grunge.

Thanks to the Mini Charms most of the cutting was already done for me! 

And you know I loved that, because I have to admit the cutting is my least favorite part.  The less cutting that's involved the more I like the quilt!

I found that the best way for me to make the 24 blocks for the Mini Charm Chocolates Lap Quilt was to only open one Mini Charm Pack at a time and finish it, before opening another. 

That way I would get the most fabric variety possible in a block. So instead of having hundreds of fabric squares to choose from, I only had a few.

Definitely a plus for me!

It forced me to use some of those fabrics that may not have been my favorites, before I moved on to the next Mini Charm Pack and I was sure to have a pretty even amount of each print left as I approached the end of the quilt.

After making 24 blocks, I was ready to start assembling the quilt!

Another advantage to using Mini Charms that I wasn't even expecting, was the small amount of time that it took me to arrange the blocks.

There were so many different fabrics in the quilt that it was a no fuss layout!

 I've been known to ponder and change my block layout way too many times before I start sewing them together,  just ask my family, but this time there was such a large variety of fabrics I could just lay it out and then sew it up! 

I added a few strips of the background fabric to connect the blocks, then added the borders, and I was done.

I now have a fun, bright quilt made with tons of little squares, involving minimal cutting!

You can't go wrong there!

The Fat Quarter Shop made this pattern as a mini Shortcut quilt, a tablerunner, a lap quilt, and even a queen size quilt, so you've got lots of options.

I chose all of my Mini Charm Packs in the same fabric for my quilt, but I love mixing fabric lines too, so I've already pulled out all of my Mini Charms and my wheels are turning with new color combinations. 

The thought that I can mix multiple fabric lines together easily in this quilt pattern really interests me.

  I could make a quilt with a 'scrappy' look without having to spend the time cutting up all the scraps!

Gotta love it!

For more details, head over to The Fat Quarter Shop's blog, The Jolly Jabber where you'll see other Mini Charm Chocolate Quilts, the free pattern, and a video tutorial!

While I'm talking about projects you can do with The Fat Quarter Shop, I want to mention a special opportunity coming up in January, the Clementine Quilt Along benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The Clementine Quilt features bright prints form Mama's Cottage by April Rosenthal by Moda.

Photo used with permission from The Fat Quarter Shop..

This upcoming Quilt Along runs from January through July of 2018, but the Clementine Quilt Kit can be pre-ordered now so you don't miss out on this charitable event.

Moda Fabrics and The Fat Quarter Shop are partners in this Quilt Along with proceeds benefiting St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.

It's something exciting coming up from The Fat Quarter Shop that I thought you might like to know about!

 I hope you find time this weekend to sew!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dashing on to the November Parade

Hello my quilting friends!

Happy November!

The Minis and More Parade is today and before we get started I'd like to announce our next featured pattern and share some exciting news!

Pull out your Christmas fabrics and get ready to make one of Camille Roskelley's newest patterns with us!

This cute holiday mini is made with a charm pack and some extra fabrics. 

It features nine ornaments in the mini, and in addition there are instructions for cute hanging ornaments that can be made for your tree or for display anywhere.

I'm already thinking about my fabric choices!

The timing is perfect on this one. 

You can have it ready for this holiday season! 

And the exciting news is, if you participate in the December Parade by making Camille's Vintage Holiday Mini and send a picture of your finished project to Sherri, or to me before the first of December you'll receive the pattern featured in our next Parade free!

So if you participate and make your Vintage Holiday Mini, you'll be ready for the next month's Parade with a free pattern.

If you've ever thought about joining us, now would be a great time. 

We love to have new participants and we love to see old friends too!

If you have any questions about how to participate, don't hesitate to ask.

And now on with our November Parade featuring Corey Yoder's Mini Dashing pattern.

Karen had a busy month, but she found time to stitch up her cute mini quilt.  She added an extra inch to the border and she's planning to bind it in a dark blue fabric.  Karen commented that she loves how the pattern appears when the blocks are sewn together and I have to agree!  This pattern is so interesting and fun.  The colors that Karen used really makes her mini pop!

Hildy is always so creative with what she does with the pattern and this month is no exception.  She made this gorgeous bag!  So Hildy actually used the pattern twice, once for the front of the bag and once for the back. The darker flower fabric she used for the sides is gorgeous and I love that she used linen for her background.  It's simply beautiful Hildy!  

The rest of the Minis and More Parade is on Sherri McConnell's blog, A Quilting Life, so be sure to stop by and view the other half of the Parade.

Have a great November and thanks for watching the Parade!