Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where Are Your Fabric Scraps?

What do you do with all of your scraps?  Linda from Lavender Ridge did a fun post about scraps and scrap quilts yesterday.  I was thinking I had not made a quilt that was mostly scraps, then I remembered this one.  It's made from bright fabrics that I accumulated over the years from making baby quilts and bright children's quilts. It started out as a placemat, but I was having so much fun making it that I couldn't stop!

Let's Start With Leftovers
Notice the small helper hands and legs!

It was the first quilt that I entered in a quilt show and I was shocked and proud when it received an honorable mention.  I didn't even see the ribbon at first, one of my boys had to point it out to me at the show!
Flowering Vine Quilting

Sunburst Quilting

The bright colors may make it less traditional than other scrap quilts, but a scrap is a scrap!  What do you do with your scraps?  I'd love to hear your comments! I need to make more quilts with mine, the scraps are piling up!


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Fun quilt! And I love the quilting motifs. As far as scraps are concerned, I don't think I've ever made a quilt that wasn't a scrap quilt. The more fabrics, the better!

Linda said...

Very nice Michelle. Love the light and dark theme. The quilting of flowers lovely. Is that hand done or machine. I haven't hand quilted in years. Do all of my quilting with a machine.

SunKissedFaces said...

Since I have a house full of girls my scraps are used for doll clothes and other doll related items ... bedding, towels, placemats, rugs ... anything that a loving doll could need.

Allyson said...

I dearly love scrap quilts. It seems the more I use my scraps, the more I accumulate. I have them separated by color in drawers. And I'll admit, I am anal and I iron all my scraps before I put them in the drawers. I like them all flat and ready to sort through as I pick and choose pieces for projects. I used to get overwhelmed by the amount of scraps I had, but now I just look at it as a great selection to choose from. :)

I like all the brights in your log cabin quilt.