Monday, April 8, 2013

Something easy

I took a little break from some other projects I've been working on to whip up a few pillowcases. 

One of my boys is crazy about soccer and the other loves the Florida Gators, so these fabrics were an instant hit!

There are a few different sets of instructions that I have for these pillowcases and they are all basically the same.  Some of my sewing friends know them as "The Amazing Pillowcase Instructions".

The French seam is my favorite part.  It's nice not to have those ravelly edges on the inside!

  The pillowcases I made before my LQS gave me these wonderful instructions are all gooped up with ravelly fabric at the seam allowances from being washed so many times over the years.

The accent strip by the cuff is a fun feature too.  It's actually a flap, so it adds an extra bit of dimension.

Edge stitching isn't mentioned in any of the instructions that I have to make pillowcases,  but I usually edge stitch the accent piece, the cuff, and also where the cuff and accent piece meet.

  This gives it a finished look and helps keep the folds in place.

Have you made something fun and easy lately?

By the way, it's not too late to leave a comment on my last post if you're interested in the ByAnnie's Soft and Stable giveaway.  Comments close at 10:00 pm Wednesday night. 

It's an especially good opportunity if you have a new summer bag on your to do list!

Have a great week!



Lynn said...

I love making pillowcases. Yours are great. My kids love pillowcases (no matter what age.

Stephanie said...

Right now I need easy AND fun! Great pillowcases. My kids have always loved theirs.

Candace said...

Great fabric combinations, Michele! I love making and giving them, and you're so right about that french seam!

Izzy said...

Love them! I actually haven't made any pillowcases yet, but they are on my "bucket list"! :-)

Carol said...

They are so cute! Pillowcases are on my list for today...I need to do a couple for my granddaughter's B' Princesses and Hello Kitty are on my cutting table right now.

Houseelf said...

Great- no wonder your sons like them. I had what was a quick and easy idea for a purse, but it is fast turning into a labyrinth with complicated bits.

Cindy said...

absolutely wonderful pillowcases!!! Fun, fun, fun