Thursday, April 11, 2013

And the winner is........

I just had a helper choose the winner of the ByAnnie's Soft and Stable giveaway!

Drumroll please! 

I know you can't hear it, but there really is a junior high band member doing a drumroll in the background.

Doesn't it add to the suspense?

And the winner is Fiesta from the blog Quilting Fiesta!

If you'll email me your information Fiesta, I'll pass it along to Annie so she can send you some Soft and Stable!  


Isn't this mug just amazing?  My friend Robin gave it to me for my birthday last month.

It's from Anthropologie.

It seemed like a good place to put the names for the Soft and Stable giveaway drawing.

I've been wanting to use it, but it seems to pretty to use for drinks!

Right now it's just on display.  Robin said I should use it for anything, but I can't seem to do it!

Kind of like not wanting to use that beautiful piece of fabric in a project, I guess!

Do you have trouble using your favorite things or is it just me?


Sinta Renee said...

Congratulations to the winner! Your cup is fantastic! What a nice birthday gift.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

What a beautiful mug! It reminds me of Art Gallery fabrics.

tpott said...

Congratulations Fiesta, on your win! Your teacup, hot coco, coffee cup is lovely, fit for a queen. ;-> Toni Anne

Fiesta said...

Michele, thank you for choosing me. I do not have your email.

Lynn said...

Love the cup and yes that is a problem for me. It's a good thing I have a sewing room, because that's where things end up I want to love and admire. Like my mother's old cookie jar, for holding scraps. It's all happy in my sewing room.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Congratulations to Fiesta! Great cup. You need to use it. Can't think of "some day". Use it now and enjoy it. :)

Candace said...

Congratulations to Fiesta! She'll love the Soft and Stable! The cup is gorgeous, Michele! I thought it was antique!

Kelli said...

Congrats to the winner, and what a cute mug!