Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is A Cordless Iron On Your Gift List This Year?

Back in May I wrote this post about my new cordless iron.  I loved it, but I didn't want to go on about it too much until I had an opportunity to use it in different kinds of quilting applications. Since then I've had a chance to use it on big pieces of fabric, plenty of seams both large and small, and even a little applique.  I told you I'd let you know how it performed when I had a chance to use it some more and now I'm back to report that it works wonderfully on everything!  

This guy has not seen many clothes......just quilt fabric!!

It's the Panasonic Cordless 360 Degree Freestyle Iron. It's unique curved soleplate allows you to iron easily in all directions, and I love the fact that its cordless too.  My last iron was about it's sad demise here......and I loved not having the cord catch on whatever was in the way.  A cordless iron really comes in handy when ironing a large piece of backing. 

Now of course it does need to be put back on the base, so it can recharge after you've used it for a few minutes. This may bother some people, but to me that's a small price to pay for not having that cord dangling all over the place.  Usually by that time, I need to move some pieces around or go back to the sewing machine anyway.  Also, this iron is a bit smaller than the one I was used to.  I was a bit concerned about that at first, but I've found that's a big help when I'm trying to iron lots of seams, some of them quite small, into place.  There's a little less iron to be squashing them the wrong way while I'm ironing another seam down.  Maybe that only happens to me!   

 Well, I just thought I'd give you an update since I've been using this iron for awhile.  This is totally my opinion on this appliance, by the way.  No one is paying me to say this....or anything else for that matter!  When something works well for me I just like to share it.     

Lots more blocks and lots more stories!

 recently had a giveaway with one of her sponsors, Rachel from Dewberry Lane and I was thrilled to be the winner!  When The Farmer's Wife Pony Club Sampler Quilt by Laurie Hird arrived on my acorn strewn doorstep, I started reading!  The author of the popular book The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt has even more blocks and more stories to go along with them.  I've been tempted by the amazing pictures of everyone's lovely blocks to join in the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along, but I felt like I'd be too far behind.  Now that I have this book, I may just have to start with these blocks.  Thanks so much Sherri and Rachel!!  

It has been a lucky few weeks for me in the giveway department. Stay tuned for my own giveaway coming up pretty soon, or possibly after the holidays.  My one year Blogiversary was October 27. Somehow that quickly came and went.  It looks like I'm approaching 100 followers too, so it seems like a giveaway is in order! I really do appreciate all of the kind comments, quilting help, and friendships I've experienced on my blogging journey.  Thanks so much for reading along!    


Stephanie said...

Irons are a sore subject with many quilters. I've had more than my share of disappointments and after trying inexpensive and pricey irons...I now go with the inexpensive. Great review. I hope you have a long and happy relationship. Congrats on your win.

regan said...

I'm definitely going to look for that iron. My Rowenta with the boiler box is making me worry a bit....making funny noises and small leaks every now and then.....hmmmmmm. A little scary when you consider the boiler is under pressure! And no, you are not the only one that has seams get smooshed the wrong way when pressing others.....that makes me crazy! And it's very hard to press with just the tip of the iron, and with my fingers 'right there'! I always seem to get my fingers tips scorched!

Congrats on being so lucky! Yay!

Jackie said...

I've never even thought of considering a cordless iron. I don't know why not!

The FWQAL isn't on any particular schedule. The people there are at various spots. Are there are lot of y seams in the Pony Club? I heard there were. And they hate me (the feeling is mutual)!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the product update! I need a new iron and might consider this one.
Congrats on the win!

Houseelf said...

No you aren't the only one who gets into an ironing pickle. I'll have got some seams done and them when I'm ironing the next row I've messed up what I've done. LOL

Glad you have an iron which works well for you.

Erin said...

So good...might have to ask santa for one of these!! :)

Carrie P. said...

congrats on your win. that looks like a fun book.
thanks for the review on the iron. never know when someone else might like to get one. it helps to know how others feel about certain tools.

Candace said...

It's good to hear that your new iron is working out. I'm back to using mine that is like the one that you had a problem with, and it makes me a little nervous, but hopefully your melt down (fire) was just a fluke.