Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Table Runner, Some Project Planning, and a Dog

It's already Thursday!  Where did the week go?  It was a busy one!  I had some time today, while the boys were at soccer practice, to put together this fun table runner that I mentioned in my Charming Girls Goals at the beginning of March.  My friend Kim, who introduced me to quilting, gave my these beautiful Easter fabrics a few years ago, and this year I was determined to use them.  It was just so hard to cut into that cute little stack!  I chose the tablerunner Framed Four Patch from Little Charmers II by Heather Mulder Peterson. It went together quickly and easily.  I'm hoping (or hopping  LOL!!)  to have it quilted and finished by Easter!

Framed Four Patch Table Runner with Easter fabrics

I was also deciding on some fabric combinations to use in a quilt I'm making from Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.  Lilac Hill is the fabric line I'm using to make the quilt Blessings from the Hollow. Purple is my favorite color, but I don't get to use it much in quilting, so now is my chance!  I like to lay out the fabrics for a quilt and decide where they are going to go before I get started.  I leave them in the coordinating piles for a few days and take a look once in a while, until I'm sure I like the placement of the fabrics.  Am I the only one that plans out quilts this way?   I don't like being forced into fabric combinations that I don't like at the end of a project.  Let me know what method, if any, you use to decide where your fabrics are going.  I'd love to know!

Scrap Basket Sensations has some amazing quilt patterns!

Lilac Hill fabrics waiting to be sorted.
My piles to be pondered!

In other news, Copper got his Spring cut today and he is a happy camper now! I am too! Less fur to clean up. I was trying to snap a picture of him outside and it looks like he was trying to avoid the paparazzi!
Why is she following me around?  This is annoying!
Finally posing for a picture,  maybe not posing, but it worked out anyway!

What project are you working on this weekend?  Have a great one!


Jodi said...

Very pretty table runner, Michele. And Copper looks so regal! We had Abbie cut the same way for the upcoming summer. I'll have to post some pics so you can see her.

Kat said...

I also think, 'Lilac Hill' is very well suited for 'Blessings from the Hollow'. I will watch your progress. :)

Carol said...

I love your table runner...your Blessings from the Hollow is going to be wonderful. Copper is the haircut...he's ready for summer.

Cheryl said...

The four patch table runner is one of my favorite patterns and yours looks so fresh for Easter.

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm so excited you will be making Blessings from the Hollow in that fabric line! I'm anxious to see it. In answer to your question...sometimes I plan it out as you, walk away and come back next day with "fresh head" to see if I feel same way before I procede. I think same goes for laying out blocks...I can usually catch errors next day! LOL
When will you start your stitching of this one?

Oddbjørg said...

What a lovely table runner!

Linda said...

Table runner is beautiful. Can't wait to see your progress. That fabric will look so pretty in that pattern. I have all my fabric cut up to make Tool Shed, but no time. Hopefully soon.

Houseelf said...

Very pretty table runner. I hope you get it finished on time. Love the dog bandana!

I lay fabric out together at the start of a project so I see it in daylight and electric light. When something needs to look balanced, I sew what i can together first then arrange the blocks on the floor before the final piecing.

My fav colour is purple too but like you it rarely gets used for quilting. I seem to rattle through greens and browns fastest.

Jen said...

Awww, how cute is cooper...I have a springer also and I love keeping her short with just some curls on the ears! He is just so handsome!

cw said...

Don't know which is cuter, your tablerunner (love the fabrics) or Copper?! Copper has one slight advantage, I'm a sucker for fur boys with bandannas!

Simone de Klerk said...

A yummy table runner!!!