Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Charming Girls Finishes in Pictures

It's time to show March and April finishes for Charming Girls Quilt Club! When I was looking at my list to do this post, I was surprised at how much I finished.  Making these goals really helped me stay on track and work on what I really wanted to accomplish.  I didn't finish everything, but I think I did pretty well considering how busy my family is in the Spring.  I didn't include anything that wasn't a goal for March and April.  Here we progress in pictures!

Endless Summer for LePetite

Borders for my State Fair Schnibble

Just One Star Project

Back to Quilting!

Easter Table Runner -yet to be quilted!

Charity Quilts........a few more to go
Layer Cake Blocks
I haven't totally kept up.  Just one or two left though.

......and more Layer Cake blocks

Almost finished with the April Le Petite
I have to will have it done in the next few days, so visit again soon to see my April Halloween project!
Enjoy your Friday!!  



Linda said...

Gorgeous projects!! Can't wait to see your Halloween Brocante!! I'm taking it down to the wire like usual too!! :-)

Sonia said...

Cool!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Joyful Quilter said...

You had a busy month! I really like the fabrics you chose for your Endless Summer and State Fair quilts.

LeAnn said...

Way to go Michele! You make such pretty pretty things that it's always a treat to read your new posts.

Carol said...

Busy, busy girl! You had a great, great month! Look at all those charity quilts.

Needled Mom said...

Doesn't it feel good when you get so much accomplished? The State Fair looks fabulous. I really like that Schnibble pattern. The Layer Cake fabrics are really neat too. Good job!!

Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

I love the first quilt with the Sunkissed fabrics, they are my favorites right now. The Easter table runner is cute too. Great job.

Michelle said...

I love this post! Great projects/'ve been busy!

Candace said...

Such cute quilts and blocks. I'm curious about your frame. Is that your DSM, and what frame do you have? How big is your frame? I have a Juki which is a little bigger than the average DSM, and I use it just to FMQ, but I have it on a table. Do you like the frame, and is it hard to learn to use?