Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Maple Leaf Quilt from the Classic and Vintage Quilt Series

I'd love to show you my Maple Leaf Quilt today!

It's a part of a Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Along featuring the Maple Leaf Quilt from their Classic and Vintage Series of patterns.

Recently, I've been thinking about making a fall quilt with a purple background and when the opportunity came up to make a quilt block for this quilt along, I took it farther and made plenty of blocks, because I thought it would be the perfect time to break out the plum Moda Grunge and make that purple fall quilt I'd been dreaming about!   

I paired the plum Moda Grunge background with lots of different batiks and created some fall leaves.

This is the crib sized quilt. 

I chose the crib size because wanted to make a few leaves of each color, and a few that were mixed to give the quilt a colorful feel with a definite fall vibe.

This Maple Leaf pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop is great because it gives you four different size options, so you can make a few leaves if you want to, or you can go crazy and make a large quilt with leaves all over the place if fall is on your mind!

Batiks seem to show up in so many of my fall quilts, whether I start out planning them that way or not, I've noticed.

I guess it goes back to our time living in Maine when the array of fall colors was dizzying!

Here in Florida, I've got to take my fall leaf quilt pictures with a palm tree background like the picture below, so I've got to work in my fall colors in through my quilts!

Too bad palm tree fronds don't change color in the fall.

Now that we live in Florida, we don't have much of a fall season, which I may have mentioned just a few times in previous posts.  

So, y'all know I miss having fall!

I think that's why I go overboard when it comes to the number of fall quilts I make each year.

This Florida girl still has to get some fall in somehow!

These fun, chunky, offset maple leaves make this pattern a breeze for anyone from a beginning quilter to the more advanced quilter who is looking for a new, fun, fall quilt to make.

Plus, The Fat Quarter Shop has a Maple Leaf Quilt video tutorial on their YouTube Channel that you may want to watch if you decide to make your own Maple Leaf Quilt.

One more fall quilt down for me, only a few left to go before the Christmas quilts kick in.

Have you made any Christmas quilts yet?

Sending the husband to the roof to hang lights now!


Little Quiltsong said...

You did this beautifully! Love it with the purple background. Thank you for sharing this color combo.

Susie H said...

Great use of that purple grunge. Love your quilt!

Brenda said...

I love all things fall, too. Your quilting looks great with the plum grunge!

Hildy said...

Beautiful quilt love the Grunge background. I've already made a Christmas quilt (the Vintage Holiday/Swell houses) but since I have one more Swell charm pack I think I need to make another one with this collection.

Needled Mom said...

I really love how this one came out. That purple grunge is just so rich and pretty and the batiks are perfect for the leaves.