Thursday, June 16, 2016

Making Beginner Charm Pack Placemats Placemats with Sherri and The Fat Quarter Shop

I just finished a great project that's perfect for quilters of all skill levels, especially beginners.

 Sherri's Beginner Charm Pack Placemats!

You all know my friend Sherri McConnell from A Quilting Life?  Well, she just did another video tutorial with Kimberly from The Fat Quarter Shop

In this video they show us how to make Beginner Charm Pack Placemats!

It's a perfect way to use that Charm Pack that you love, but hasn't found its way into a quilt yet.

 It's also a great time to try out your free motion quilting skills or that new stitch that you've been interested in using!

You can watch the new Fat Quarter Shop video on their YouTube Channel right now by clicking here or by clicking on the arrow below.

I made my placemats primarily with the Summer Fest fabric line to give my kitchen a bright, happy feeling.

It was difficult to choose which fabrics to use for the larger squares and which to use for the four patch units, because I wanted to feature all of the fabric!

Originally, I had planned to use white fabric for the 2 1/2 inch strips along the sides of the placemats.

 I thought that would frame my Summer Fest fabric nicely and make my striped binding really pop.

I had cut out my white fabric strips and I was all ready to go, but when I got the center section of the placemat completed,  I was so pleased with it that I didn't want to put the white strips on the sides.

I set it down for awhile to think about it, before I committed to the square shape of my placemats.

In the end square was the way to go for me!

I'm thinking of it as in between a placemat and a mug rug.

More along the lines of a snack mat.

A perfect addition to my kitchen this summer with my teen boys at home!

As you can imagine, someone is always grabbing a quick snack!  

I like that the projects in these tutorials can be easily customized to your needs and quickly adapted to what you like as you go along.

In fact, I just had to make a few extra four patches with Sherri's quick and easy method because it was so fun!

I'll be saving the extra four patches I made for projects in the future, or maybe even another pincushion. 

After that last video tutorial from Kimberly and Sherri, I have pincushion fever!  

If you didn't get a chance to see the pincushion video tutorial from The Fat Quarter Shop, you can check it out here or got to my last blog post and to view it.

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Hildy said...

Your 'snack mat' is really cute! And I agreee the tutorials from Sherri and Kimberly are great hope they make a few more together:-)

Needled Mom said...

The mat is so sweet and I love the pincushion. I think I need to make a few of those.

Joyful Quilter said...

Cute mat! I really liked Sherri's technique to make the 4 patches. I haven't tried it yet but will soon.

Sherri said...

Love this! Thank you for sewing along!

gibbygoo56 said...

Sweet! I love your fabrics, so bright and cheerful. Beautifully sewn. I have to make Sherri's charm pack placemats. I've been wanting to make placemats and had no idea what to do. Thanks for sharing your placemat.

Rosa said...

So gorgeus.Love your fabric combo, a beautiful rainbow.Another project for my bucket list.