Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vintage Tulips...The mini one!

Bright and happy!

That's how I would describe my Mini Vintage Tulips quilt!

I used mostly V and Co. Color Me Happy fabric with a bit of Daysail and a few other lines thrown in to make the tulips and the stems consistent in color.

This was so enjoyable to make that now the big tulip quilt is on my ever-growing list of projects that I want to do.

 I'm pretty sure I'll never get to the end of that list.......

But that's a good thing, right??

I did make one 'small' error in this mini.

It seemed pretty obvious to me once I found it, but it must not be that bad because I didn't see it until I had it almost all finished!

My family couldn't find it either until I directed them to the spot, then they said they would have never noticed.

Do you see where it is??

I decided not to fix it, which pretty odd for me.  Normally I match every seam exactly and I'm pretty particular about my quilts.

I'm not usually in the, "If you can't see the mistake while you're sitting on the back of a horse that's galloping past the quilt, then don't worry about it" camp.  Not even close.

But this time, I think I can live with it!

I've got to spend my time getting to the next quilt on that list, right?

My Christmas decorations are up and the pumpkin pie leftovers are in the fridge, so it's time to get on to December!

That means the Minis and More parade will be here soon.

In fact, it will be here and on Sherri's blog this Tuesday.

Come back and visit then and see the minis that the group has made and find out what we'll be up to next!


Patty D from NC said...

Great mini! I love that tulip pattern.

Julierose said...

Nope, don't "see" it at all--I think this piece is just those pinks and greens on the white....hugs, Julierose

Hildy said...

Love your mini and I just did see the 'mistake' after you said there is one! Looking forward to the parade tomorrow:-)

Helen L said...

Ain't no mistake in my book! Really, I'm not sure there is a mistake: looks great to me! :-) Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Jackie said...

I won't tell you how many times and how long I had to look at your photo to find it! It's a beautiful mini - love the fabrics you chose. I wouldn't change a thing!