Thursday, September 5, 2013

They're back!

It's time for Candy Corn Oreos!

I'm embarrassed to say we've almost finished off a bag already. 

........before the first full week of September

But they're so good!

This summer I discovered Sherbet Oreos, another seasonal flavor, and I have to say I miss them already.

I was looking for Watermelon and Orange Creme Oreos too, but I couldn't find any. 

Birthday Cake Oreos are the favorite here.

It sounds like  I  we may have Oreo issues.

Last week, when I saw the Candy Corn Oreo display at Target, my heart skipped a beat and I started piling them in my cart.

I think it was Carol, my friend at Brown Quilts, who spotted them last year and got me started on the hunt. 

Which was unsuccessful by the way.  It seems that once they're gone they're gone.

I was able to find Candy Corn M&M's, but those didn't go over so well at my house.

We didn't think they were bad, just not a hit. 

So it may seem odd to buy Candy Corn Oreos at all, especially in the beginning of September, but if you want to try them, take my word for it, it's now or never!


JoAnne said...

I saw the candy corn M&Ms, but not the oreos. I was just at Target two days ago, too. I'll have to look out for them.

Lynn said...

A dream come true, the best of both worlds: candy corn and oreos!

Mary said...

I'll have to look for some. I've not seen them before.

Candace said...

Oh no.....I'm already addicted to candy corn! Never seen these, but you can bet I'll be looking for them. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you , Michele (wink)!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Step away from the Oreos. LOL! We are original Oreo fans here in my house. While I like to try the funky flavors, Hubs and Child like kicking it old school. We've tried the Birthday ones and we gave them thumbs down over here. Never saw the sherbet ones. Must be a regional flavor.

Susan P said...

I'll take your word for it, but sounds disgusting to me.

Sherry said...

I have not heard of these oreos before now, we will have to be careful about getting hooked on these seasonal cookies. I do love candy corn though.

Sinta Renee said...

How fun is that! We never get fun things like that in our local store!