Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exactly what I've been looking for

I found a napkin holder at Target a week ago and it was exactly what I've been looking for!

You see my sewing space is scattered around the house a bit.  When I say a bit, I mean I have some kind of sewing area in almost every main room!

And I like it that way!

I do have an extra room where I could put most of my sewing stuff, but that would mean I'd be out of the flow of traffic and out of the loop for lots of the action around here.

With two active boys, I want to be in on all the fun too, so my sewing goes on in the middle of everything.

The sewing machine I use most often is in the dining room, I do my rotary cutting at the kitchen counter, I iron near the front door, and I do my hand sewing in the family room.

I was inspired by my friend JoAnne to look around for some kitchen items to use for organizing my many work areas.

When she mentioned she found this caddy at Target, I took a look the next time I was there.

It was a great caddy, but unfortunately for me, it was too big for my sewing space.

I kept on looking.

Two months later I ran across this napkin holder in a clearance section guessed it......Target!

For me it was a great find!

I'm going to use it to keep my small patterns, rulers, notes and charm packs organized and out of the way in the kitchen when I'm doing my cutting.

It'll be perfect to hold those small items, so they don't spread out all over the counter while I work.

Since it's not very tall it will fit well and look nice under the top cabinets in my kitchen.  And for under $4, I just couldn't pass it up!

So tell me, what is your favorite quilting item used for organization or for sewing, that was originally intended for some other purpose?

Painters Tape for marking rulers is definitely another front runner for me!


Anonymous said...

Painter's tape to mark a quilt for straight line quilting! Love it!
And I'm using a real berry basket (not one of the cute ceramic ones you can find in stores now) to hold things like my rotary cutter, a pencil and measuring tape on my cutting table. That reminds me - my cutting table is just a large table that my husband set up on bed risers to give it the height I need.

JoAnne said...

What a great find. It is perfect for holding those small things. I may have to visit my local store!

Needled Mom said...

It's great when we find items not meant for our hobbies work so well.

Sherri said...

Perfect way to organize things in the kitchen!

Candace said...

I think it's great that you don't close yourself away in a room to sew, Michele! Being in on the action is where it's at! Great idea for the napkin holder. My favorite organizer is my big primitive bookcase we had built a couple of years ago. It doesn't hold books - just all of my fat quarter stash were it's right out in the open and I can be inspired at a moment's notice!