Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet a New Blog Friend and Get A Discount!

Hello everyone!  I'd love to introduce you to my good sewing and crafting friend, Bridgette!  

We met when our kids went to elementary school together and became great friends, but then sadly Bridgette had to move away.  It's so difficult when a good friend has to move.  Especially a sewing friend!  

But I'm so happy to say that Bridgette has now started an amazing blog called Applique Time, all about her crafting and sewing adventures!  With three young daughters, there is always some sort of craft or sewing activity going on at Bridgette's house.  Homecoming projects and embellishing a cool denim jacket are her latest adventures.  

There is also a link to her awesome Applique Time Etsy shop where she sells her original machine applique designs and right now Bridgette is offering a discount for my all of my blog friends.  How nice is that??  Just use the coupon code Islandlife during checkout in her Etsy shop for 20% percent off!  

This seems like a great opportunity to get started on those machine applique and embroidery Christmas gifts you have been thinking about. Maybe tee shirts, quilts, or a dishtowel or two for a Thanksgiving hostess gift.  The possibilities are endless!  So run over and meet Bridgette and her family and give her a great new blogger welcome!

On another note, I wanted to let you know that I entered a Halloween quilt in the Quilting Gallery's weekly contest.  

Happy Jacks!  by Michele at IslandLife Quilts
Of course this weekend the theme is spooky quilts, and I'd appreciate it if you grabbed a handful of candy corn, went over here to take a look and voted for mine!  There are some really spooky quilts on display!  Enjoy the Halloween fun! 

Paganini Schnibble with Ruby fabric
After we spend some time at at our elementary school's Fall Festival and the soccer fields, this is one of the projects I'll be finishing up this weekend.  What are you working on?


Manda said...

Great halloween quilt and I love the ruby!! :)

Linda said...

Love your Happy Jacks!!! You know what stole the show for me though...Ruby Paganini!!!! OMG!!! I love it. I literally gasped when I saw how beautiful it is!!! Wonderful choice, as always Michele!!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Your Ruby Paganini is AWESOME! I can't wait to see it all done. Going to vote right now. :)

Applique Time said...

Thank you for the kind words Michele! It has always been a pleasure to count you among my friends. Thanks for sharing my blog and shop with your amazing readers. I love the Happy Jacks quilt, especially that last little guy with the sad face. He is too cute!

Cheryl said...

Ok, I love the Ruby fabric line and your little Schnibble is absolutely awesome!
I will go check out your friends blog.

Needled Mom said...

It's always hard to see good friends move away. Glad you can still be in contact with her through blogging.

Love the cute pumpkins!!

Houseelf said...

Beautiful vibrant pumpkin shades.

No big plans to sew tonight. I'm going to catch up with my blog reading and emails.