Friday, October 21, 2011

The End Of A Good Week

 This is what I was working on yesterday, some Schnibbles quilting!  I'm trying to get it quilted and bound before Halloween. Now the quilting is done, and next on the list is the binding.  I went over to my LQS to pick it out this morning, after a not so quick trip to Target. I'm signed up for the Friday Night Sew In, which is tonight, so maybe I'll get the binding done.  I still have one LePetite project to finish....well be caught up for the year and that's on my list too.  Go on over and sign up for the Sew In if you want to join us!

 Some fun mail arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon!  Last week I won a giveaway on Pat's Blog. She had accidentally ordered two copies of the newly released book Jelly Roll Quilt Magic by Kimberly Einmo, and she was giving one copy away with the companion rulers too.  I was fortunate enough to be picked by Junior as the winner!  Be sure to run over to Pat's blog, All Decked Out, to see who Junior is and how he so carefully selected my winning comment!  This has to be the most fun way to choose a giveaway winner that I've ever seen!

I've been looking through Jelly Roll Magic, and there are lots of wonderful quilts to make!  There's one called Starry Pines that has caught my eye.  It's a beautiful Christmas quilt and I have the perfect jelly roll for it.  But do I have the time?  That's always the question.  We'll see! Thanks so much Pat!!  

Isn't this a beautiful, well loved quilt?  It's one of my great-grandmother's quilts that my parents brought to me last weekend.  In my last post I mentioned that I was soaking one in Vintage Textile Soak.  Well it really went well, so I'm going to try it on a few more.  I'll share some other pictures soon. Thanks so much for your helpful comments about my great-grandmother's sewing machine on my last post.  I really appreciate all of my blog friends.  Right now I'm off to eat dinner and work on some projects!  Join me if you can! 


Linda said...

Your great-grandma's quilt is just beautiful. You are sooooo fortunate to have it. What an amazing heirloom.

I LOVE the quilting on your Halloween Brochante Schnibbles!! The pumpkins you quilted are perfect!!!

Carol said...

Oh I love, love, love your great-grandmother's quilt...what a treasure!
Your Schnibble is sooooo fun!

Jackie said...

How fortunate and wonderful to have your great-grandmothers quilt. I have two of my grandmothers and they're my most prized possession.

Loving your Schnibbles quilt. The quilting is lovely. Is this freehand? Longarm?

rubyslipperz said...

What a lucky-duck to win such a wonderful prize...really cute Halloween quilt too!


Joyful Quilter said...

You will have to write another post, I also want to know you quilted the pumpkins.

Congrats on the win.

Your great-grandmother's quilts and sewing machine are wonderful treasures, you definitely are lucky.

Stephanie said...

Perfect pumpkin design for your quilt. What a very special quilt you have in your great grandmother's. I know you'll enjoy it.

Cheryl said...

The pumpking quilting motif looks great on your Halloween quilt! Congratulations on the win...looks inspiring.

Beautiful antique quilt! Lucky girl.

Carrie P. said...

Love your quilt and the pumpkin quilting. Great job.
Congrats on your win.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

Dandelion Quilts said...

I love that quilt. Halloween is a favorite of mine. I think I have some of that fabric, just need to use it, right?

Lorraine said...

Loving the Ruby fabric...and love love love your great-grandmother's quilt..what a treasure!

Houseelf said...

Oh my how special that quilt it! Lovely work on the Halloween one. I hope you have it all ready on time for the night.

Congratz on your win. The books look like a lot of fun.