Sunday, August 16, 2020

Is it Christmas yet?

 Hello and welcome!

If you're new here or if you're a familiar face, we're so glad you came to view the Scraps-Along posts!

Sherri McConnell and I do monthly posts discussing scraps and precuts.

How you're using them and how you're storing them.

We give monthly challenges and then share what you've done when you send one of us an email before the end of the month.

Sherri posts half of the photos on her blog A Quilting Life, and I post the other half over here.

If you stick around, you'll discover some quilting tips, some tricks, and maybe even a few new patterns that you'll be interested in making.

The challenge for next month is one that I'm really excited about!

Quilt backs and backings!

Show us your creative and scrappy ideas for backing a quilt!

I know some of my favorite quilt backings have come from those times when I didn't have quite enough of that perfect backing fabric for my quilt and I had to improvise!

Turning a problem to overcome into a great experience and a favorite quilt!

For example, the back of this quilt I made way back when.

I think it's by Pieces of My Heart called It's A Wrap.


Anyway, the fabric I wanted to use for the back was directional, but I didn't have enough of it and using it in the wrong direction was just out of the question of course, so I made and added a few new blocks from the front to the back, my fabric fit, and all was right in my quilting world again!

Handy how these pictures combined both last month's Christmas challenge and this month's backing challenge isn't it?

Here are the Christmas challenge entries.......

Bobbie Z. sent in these two pictures to us.  The first one is a photo of a Twelve Days Of Christmas project that she's been working on over a period of two years and she's so happy to have it completed!  She used lots of embroidery and some fabric markers in the process. Isn't it spectacular?  It must feel great to have completed such a sweet Christmas project!

Bobbie also sent in this photo of one of her Christmas fabric storage ideas. She says it makes grabbing what you need quick and easy! I love it!

Kathie K. contributed these pictures. The Tree Farm table runner is just gorgeous!  She says she added a bit more bling than the pattern called for and I think it's a hit! Lovely Kathie! What a nice addition to your table this year!

This Christmas fabric storage and organization idea belongs to Kathie too.  She started organizing her Christmas fabrics in June, which is a great time to start. These clear, stackable bins are great!

That's it for this half of the Scraps-Along Challenge, so start backing those quilts and send us your creative and scrappy backing photos for the next post!

I'm crazy about backing my quilts with just the right thing, so I can't wait to see your pictures!

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Hildy said...

Love all the projects and I need to see if I have pictures of my more 'special' quilty backs ... normally I'm too lazy to make them cute;-)