Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some Minis and More winners and a bit of Farm Girl progress too!

I've been busy, but not busy with blogging!

Behind the scenes I've been doing some hand quilting on my Floret mini.  It's really enjoyable.  A great project for just sitting and relaxing.  I'm close to finished.  I think I keep putting off actually finishing because I like it so much.  I guess I'll just have to plan to start hand quilting something else.  I do have a 'few' quilt tops waiting to be quilted.....

Pulling fabrics for my Vintage Tulip Mini for Minis and More is on hold for a few days while I wait 'patiently' by my front door for the mailman to bring me my next fabric order.

In other news,  I'm going to be testing a pattern for the first time!  I'll let you in on that more later, once I've gotten started on it.

And of course I'm still sewing my way through the book Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.  And I've got the pictures to prove it

When Lori's sew along started I thought I'd have no problem putting together two blocks a week.

 Well, I was wrong about that.  I have fallen a bit behind, but I prefer to think of it not as falling behind, but as doing the blocks on my own terms. HaHaHa!

I've just decided to enjoy Lori's posts on Farm Girl Fridays and do the blocks as I pick out the fabrics for them.  Some come together faster than others, so I'm just going with it.

And now the good part, the quarterly Minis and More winners! 

The randomly drawn lucky winners are Mary from the blog NeedledMom,  Sandy from the blog Loves To Quilt and Brenda!

If the winners will please email Sherri with their mailing information she will be sending out some fun prizes.

Sherri and I would like to thank everyone for participating last quarter and we look forward to receiving your pictures for next month's Minis and More Parade featuring Vintage Tulip Mini by Camille Roskelley!

Have a great weekend!


Hildy said...

Love your blocks the hen is really cute! I've started my Vintage Tulip and hope to finish it this weekend it's such a fun and cute little pattern thanks for picking it! And congrats to the winners:-)

Izzy said...

Love your blocks! I tried hand quilting about a year ago and I was so bad at it, I just gave up! I can't wait to see yours. :-)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I'm a bit behind with my Farm Girl blocks too. I'm waiting for the next round of extra pattern releases to happen. I skipped last week's blocks all together because I didn't care for them. I think the ones happening this week will be in my quilt. Just don't think it will be true sunflowers colors. I'm going in a different direction with that one. The blocks you've worked on are great. :)