Saturday, June 20, 2015

An amazing find

My husband recently returned from a trip to Dubai in the UAE.

Much to my delight he was able to make a quick visit to a nearby IKEA there and pick up some Britten Nummer fabric for me!

I've had my eye on this fabric for awhile, as I've heard it makes wonderful backing and it looks great too.

It is wide!

Wider than I was expecting it to be! 

The nearest IKEA to my house is three hours away, and I always thought I'd make a trip there someday when we were passing by and get some Britten Nummer fabric to try out.

Little did I know that IKEA would stop selling it in the US.  Oh no!  What to do?

I did a little research and discovered that it was still available in other parts of the world, so my sweet husband got some for me when he had the chance.

He was certainly nice to carry a suitcase full of fabric around for me!

He loves his quilter!

On the 'never having been to an IKEA' subject, we plan to remedy that when we go on vacation this summer.

How can we have never tried their Swedish Meatballs?

Well we have tried to make them ourselves, with lots of success I might add!

My family loves this Almost Famous Swedish Meatball Recipe from Food Network Kitchens.  Lingonberry Jam and all! 

In fact, that's what my husband asked for for Father's Day!  Nothing else! Just the Swedish Meatball dish.

That's why there is a trip to IKEA in our future.

Now the question is, how many of those aqua craft carts do you think he'll let me fit in the car while we drive around to different places while on vacation?


Needled Mom said...

I tried to get that fabric when I was at IKEA last time with no luck. What a great husband you must have to carry it home for you!

Enjoy those meatballs tomorrow. Happy Fathers Day to him!

Hildy said...

I know the fabric is still available here in Germany and there're two (!) Ikeas within a half hour drive distance ... lucky me:-) I think I could snatch up some Britten for you but the shipping is quite expensive, fair warning ahead.

Helen L said...

How nice to be able to get that fabric!! Sometimes Hubbies can be such dears!! :-) And make sure to allow at least 4 hours for your first trip to Ikea!! I love that place! The furniture, the storage items, and the food!! You're going to have a blast!! Ours is 1.5 hrs away, so I don't get there too often: wish I could afford to re-do my house in all their stuff!! have a great week! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Lynette said...

Haha! That's awesome of him to do that. I think I could my man to do the same. He's a good sport and big help about photo op times. :)