Friday, December 5, 2014

Dimestore Schnibble quilted

What a month!

It's a busy time of year for everyone, and we are no certainly no exception!

My days have been full of Thanksgiving, and now Christmas preparations.

Turkey cooking, tree trimming, wreath hanging, college student visiting, you know, the whole works!

I did manage to squeeze in some quilting time and I'm here to give you a peek at what I've been doing.

This is the quilting on my Dimestore Schnibble designed by Carrie Nelson.  I pieced it with the AYOS quilt group last year.

The fabric is Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater. 

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the feathers I did along the border!

That's a surprise to me because I generally don't love my quilting as soon as it's done. 

I guess it takes me a bit to get used to the difference between what the quilting idea looked like in my head, and what the quilting looks like that actually made its way on to my quilt.

Does that happen to anyone else??  Or is it just me??

When I finish up the binding I'll be back with more to tell!

Happy weekend!


Jacqueline said...

Your quilt and quilting is beautiful.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love this fabric line. Your quilting is lovely and at least you put your feathers to the quilt - I still avoid them.

Joyful Quilter said...

You're quilting looks great! I always like my quilting better once it's I'm quilting I "see" too much and think it's going to be terrible. I think you should be very pleased with your feathers!

Izzy said...

Your feathers look beautiful!

LynCC said...

Fun quilt - nice feathers :D I'm starting in on a large quilt today that has a wide border where I can try my hand at doing feathers there. Makes me nervous, but I'm finished letting them intimidate me!

Needled Mom said...

Your Schnibble looks awesome. I love the fabrics and those feathers look great.

Dee said...

The feathers look great! I can see why you're so pleased with them.

Thelma said...

oh my gosh, what's in my head rarely translates into what i actually make, I totally understand. I think you did a wonderful job on the quilting, are you about caught up? We're busy here too, best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Those feathers are gorgeous!!!! I haven't had much luck with them myself. I know exactly what you mean about it not looking quite like what you envisioned. I have also found it frustrating that I can't exactly copy the designs in my quilting how-to books, but just recently I've come to accept it and have realized what I'm quilting now is my own spin on an idea. I think your schnibble looks absolutely amazing! I've never made one but all of your schnibbles have inspired me to give one a try. I just got a pattern from fqs during their Black Friday sale. I can't remember the name but I'll be using persimmon and scraps for it. I can't wait to see the full reveal of this one!

Houseelf said...

Beautiful work Michele. I think the quilting is marvellous. I am still only doing emergency trips outside the ditch. :-)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You are very talented. Don't knock it. Love those feathers.