Sunday, January 5, 2014

The quilting

The quilting on my Schnibbles Paganini quilt is finished! 

I went back and forth about what I wanted to do with the border, and swirls was what I came up with in the end.

A smaller swirl pattern is in the center of each block too.

I thought that this would connect the blocks with the border, and it would also contrast to the large circles that I did around the center of each block.

I did all the swirls freehand without marking them, so the center of each block is different, and the border is done in a random way.

A paper plate that I had was the perfect size to use for the circles around the blocks.

I traced the paper plate with a purple vanishing marker, one block at a time, and then I used my walking foot to sew each circle.

Doing this one block at a time was necessary, because the vanishing ink was vanishing so quickly!  

A few times I even had to retrace the circle to be able to finish quilting it, because the ink was vanishing so fast.

I didn't want to use the blue water soluble marker for tracing these circles, because sometimes I have a hard time getting it to disappear completely when I'm finished with the quilt.

However, I did use that blue marker on the scallops for the border, since it was necessary for them to remain on the quilt for awhile.

I like to use lots of different tools for marking, sometimes even on the same quilt!

Well, I'm going to go bury the threads on this quilt right now, and believe me there are lots of them. 

I was hoping to do that this afternoon, but we spent it getting ready for the cold weather that's coming through, even here in Florida. 

If it's coming your way I hope you're ready too!  Stay warm!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You have done a lovely job on your Schnibbles and I look for household 'templates' too.

Terry said...

It looks wonderful! :0)

Cheryl said...

Fun quilting motif! Great job,

Carrie said...

I love it ~ the quilting is beautiful! You really do beautiful work ~ as always. :)

Needled Mom said...

That looks lovely. I can't wait to see those scalloped edges.

Stephanie said...

I am not good at free motion quilting but I can manage circles with my walking foot. :o) Your quilting really compliments your quilt top.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I like it and I like the scalloped border. I've always wanted to try one but am scared of binding it.

Sarah said...

The quilting looks great. Schnibbles seem to be great for people to practise different and new to them fmq skills. I'll take your cold spell any time Florida! We're in a heat wave in South Australia, four days in a row over 40*C, which is approx 104F. I hate it. Can't leave the house for any longer than hanging out washing, and it saps all my energy. Are you on Instagram Michele? I just joined this year. I'm at sarahkrothe and you're welcome to follow me and see what I'm working on.

Candace said...

Your quilting is wonderful, Michele! I bet you'd be a wiz on a longarm!

Tracey Holzer said...


LynCC said...

This is so pretty! I love your big circles. I'm that way with marking, too - whatever works best for a particular task, often using 3 or more different marking methods on a single quilt. It's fun!

Shelley said...

That is fabulous quilting Michele..I love what you chose to do :)

Carrie P. said...

your quilting is looking great!