Wednesday, May 8, 2013


These are a hit at my house!

A few weeks ago Heidi blogged about making these phone pillows and I thought they were great!

I knew my teen boys would love them for their phones and ipods and I'm always looking for something to make for boys.

They would sure make a great little gift for anyone!   

After I sewed up a few, I decided I had to make one for myself too!

My Noteworthy scraps came in handy!

I just love it!

You can find the pattern and instructions HERE.

They were so quick and easy to make.

 I did have to redraw the pattern that I printed out according to the measurements that Kim provided.

  My pattern came out of the printer a bit smaller than it should have.  

Maybe I didn't have the printer set up correctly, but it was easier for me to just fix it when I made the templates than figure out what to do to the printer. 

Two of these are stuffed with walnut shells, and the third I experimented with and I stuffed the tips of the triangle with fiberfill and then I used walnut shells to stuff the rest of it.  

I liked stuffing the tips with the fiberfill because I found that this made the phone pillow hold it's shape a bit better.

You could use rice or poly-pellets that are used for stuffed animals, but I had lots of walnut shells on hand and I liked the weight the walnut shells gave to the pillow anyway. 

I did change the measurements a little bit on the one I made for myself with the Noteworthy fabric. 

I decided to make the ramp a little shorter, so the phone would be at less of an angle.  The ramp is part that the bottom of the phone stands on.

This was easy to accomplish, since I had made the pattern in two pieces and taped it together with painter's tape.

I just removed the tape and scooted the longer piece down an inch to make the ramp shorter.  If you decide to make one of these, I would suggest that you make your pattern in two pieces, so it's easily adjustable.

You can make these for your tablets too! 

I thought you might be interested in seeing these phone pillows if you haven't run across them before.

Just a fun, quick little gift that can be customized for anyone.

I certainly enjoyed making them and giving them away!


Stitched With Prayer said...

I am so excited about this pattern!!! I want to make a bunch of them AND...I was thinking they might just make a super "Tablet Pillow" too...don't you think??? Thanks for sharing this with us, what a really great idea! Hugs...

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

This is something I will be making! Thanks for the link and the tips on your experience.

Izzy said...

That is such a cool idea! Thank you for sharing. :-)

Joyful Quilter said...

Very cute. I did see them and thought about enlarging the pattern to hold a Kindle. You've given me more incentive to give it try.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Oh cute!! I think I will give it a try for myself. Thanks for sharing with us.

Cindy said...

Too darned cute and too darned practical.......for ALL of us!!! Thank you for the link and alteration advice.

Carol said...

Cute as can be! What a great idea!

Houseelf said...

What a cute idea! It's good to have some adjustment as these phones can vary in shape. Thanks for sharing.

Candace said...

Totally cute and functional, Michele! Now I just need one of those phones - wink!
Happy Mother's Day!

Sinta Renee said...

Great little project! Thanks for sharing... it is always hard to find something for boys, but this should work!

Mama Pea said...

Those are neat! Great little project! Thanks for the link!

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a great idea!!!

tubakk said...

What a great idea! Don't know if I ever will have time to make some of them, but I can hope.

Kelly said...

So very cool!

Melanie said...

Awesome idea..... Love the scenery pictures...