Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilting for Good Causes.....Spreading the Word

Are you ready to bind these Mary Pat?

My friend Mary Pat and I have been working on charity quilts for hospitalized children together for about a year now.  Mary Pat pieces and binds the quilts and I do the quilting. Quilts for Kids was the starting point, but since there's a children's hospital in our area, it is working out well for Mary Pat to take the quilts directly to our local hospital.  If you're interested in finding a way to use your quilting skills to help others, be sure to check out Quilts For Kids to see the wonderful work that this organization is doing through quilting.  Maybe it is something you would like to become involved in to give comfort to children in need.

Dragonfly and swirl quilting to add some more fun to this quilt.

Words add another element for an older child or teen.

Mary Pat always chooses a variety of great fabrics for these projects.  The last batch that I quilted were mostly Easter prints and themes. This one included a Florida Gator quilt, two blue star themed quilts, a lively green and red quilt, and a more muted red and yellow quilt best suited for an older child or teen.  The last one is on the frame ready for me to start after I'm done with this post!  The quilting that I do on these usually involves both words and fun shapes related to the fabric that Mary Pat has chosen, to appeal to both older and younger children and teens too. Quilting for children in need of comfort brings joy to my heart.

I'm ready to get started on some pillowcases!
Have you read about Carol's request for patriotic pillowcases?  Mary Pat and I are planning to make some to send to her. It's not too late to help in this wonderful quest to thank our service members for all that they do for our country.  Let them know we are thankful.  Take a moment to read her story and see if you can lend your support, if you haven't already.  As a former Navy wife, I know the sacrifices that servicemen and women make for our country. Let's help Carol's friend give out lots of pillowcases this year!

Please leave a comment and let me know what quilting projects you have done for those in need in the past or those that you are involved in now.  Create your own post letting other quilters know about how they can become involved in a charity quilting project.  Spread the word about different ways quilting can bring comfort to others!


Linda said...

Quilts for kids is a wonderful program! Our guild is involved as well. Ive contributed but need to again. They have asked for the need for more teen type quilts

The quilting is so pretty on those!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Wonderful quilts for such a great cause. I read Carol's post, and will be making pillowcases to send. I love the patriotic fabrics in the picutre. Very pretty!

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful cause you and Mary Pat work on!

I sent my pillowcases to Carol this week. We have like minds.

Carol said...

What a wonderful post your charity fun that you have a partner to work with. Love the pillowcase fabrics...thanks so much for spreading the mailbox is full almost every day...YIPPEE!

Quilt Hollow said...

I think it is wonderful to have the time to make charity projects. I mailed Carol four pillowcases this past weekend....keep up the great work!

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful idea to use your talents for ill children and for the services.

Mary Pat said...

You are a great partner, partner! I don't know how you get all these projects done, blog and work on your own quilts. Do you ever sleep?

Candace said...

I'm signed up to make some pillowcases for Carol also, being a Navy brat, I agree that the military makes many sacrifices for us. Also, now I have a grandson in the Army, and my brother was a Marine. I have so many grandchildren and nieces and nephews that I've stayed pretty busy quilting for them, but I hope to branch out to doing some quilts for kids, I have done some pillowcases and the thought that they might brighten an ill child's day a bit was very rewarding. I admire those who have done and are doing so much for others, I need to do more.