Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Floret progress for Minis and More

I've made lots of progress on my mini quilt, Floret from the Sweetness(a trio of mini quilts) pattern by Corey Yoder.

And that's a good thing, since the Minis and More Parade is coming up very soon!

The fabrics I'm using are a mix of two not yet released lines, Bright Sun by Sherri and Chelsi, and also Tucker Prairie by One Canoe Two. 

I love how well they're going together!  Very cheery, bright and vibrant!

This was the first time I've ever had fabric before it was available for sale, so it was quite a treat for me! 

I was lucky enough to be a winner of Moda's "I Didn't Get To Go To Market Giveaway" a few months ago and that's how these brand new fabrics ended up on my doorstep.

I'm thrilled to have both new lines in my Floret Mini!  

Wondering about the thread in the picture above?

 I am too!

The big stitch quilting craze has pulled me in, so I'm giving it a try on my Floret Mini.

Any tips of suggestions?

I fell in love with the big stitch quilting on Corey's Floret mini quilt and I'm going to shameless copy what she did.

I couldn't find size 8 perle cotton in any bright pretty colors in my area, I had read that was a good size thread to use, so I went with size 12 Valdani that I found a my LQS instead.

I hope it works well with a size 9 Embroidery needle, because I bought some of those too.

I can't wait to get started!

I guess I had better finish sewing my blocks together first!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Farm Girl Days

Time for an update on my Farm Girl Vintage progress!

It was slow going for me at first.

I had a difficult time picking out the fabrics for each block. 

The more I make, the faster I seem to be able to pick out the fabrics.  I guess I have a better idea of the look I'm going for than I did at the very beginning.

I do have a few other blocks done now, but its rainy outside and not a good time to take another picture, so I'll have to include them next time.

I'm having a great time with these blocks!

Are you doing the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along too?  Are you caught up? 

I hope to be caught up in the next few weeks.  This summer has been busier than I expected.

I thought I'd have no problem doing two blocks a week, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Behind me right now there are some fabric piles with sticky notes on them.

Fabric waiting to be cut up and sewn together in a Farm Girl Vintage block.

I'd better get cutting!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The July Minis and More Parade

What a great week for our first Minis and More Parade!  Sherri and I are so glad you could join us!

Before we get started with the parade, let me tell you about what we have planned for August and September.

As you may have heard, the pattern we are working on in July, for the Parade on August first, is Sweetness - A Trio Of Mini Quilts by Corey Yoder.  Choose any one of the three patterns you'd like, and let us admire your mini in the August Parade!

Then it might be Christmas in August at your house, if you choose to join us for the parade on September first.  Make some Christmas cookies and listen to a few carols as you use the pattern Mini Juniper from Fig Tree and Co. to make a mini quilt with plenty of time to get it quilted, bound, and ready for the holidays.

Lots to look forward to this fall in the Minis and More Parade. I hope you'll join us!

Now let's get to today's parade featuring the Summer Star Mini pattern by Sherri McConnell.   

First up is Sinta's! She made her mini with batiks that would make it perfect to display any time of year. You know her from her blog Pink Pincushion and her generosity in giving her time to host past Parades. I love how she designed her added border.

Hildy had the amazing idea to make a bag using both the Summer Star Mini pattern for this month and the mini pattern Floret from Sweetness-A Trio of Mini Quilts for the August Parade.  Hildy used Reunion fabrics and some other scraps that she had.  Great idea for a cute bag!

Here is Polly's quilt with Beach
House fabrics from Moda. You can find Polly on her blog Aunt Polly's Porch. She made a perfect mini for summer! 

 Sandy at Loves To Quilt  made two versions! One using the fabric line Color Theory and the other with Hearty Good Wishes fabric. She added her own twist and put a nice, thin border around her blue one.

Mary from the blog Needled Mom  has already put her mini to good use. She made this quilt with Noteworthy fabric and some Riley Blake small gingham for the binding. Beautiful mini and beautiful flowers Mary!

Nancy E. made this version with some different Minick and Simpson mini charms with a Prairie Paisley background. She's hoping to get it quilted in time to use it on the Fourth of July. 

Patty D. from A Stitch In Time is ready for the Fourth of July too, with her Summer Star Mini using Sandy Gervais fabric. I love her color placement. The light blue in the corners really makes it pop!

Mindy made her happy, bright mini with an additional sweet, yellow ribbon border that gives the block a different look. She's already planning to make another!

Karen's is made entirely out of triangles using jelly roll strips from a far east inspiration pack. Amazing circle quilting Karen!  I love it!

Dolores from True Blue Canadian sent us a picture of her lovely purple and green version.  I love to see purple in quilts! The dark purple binding is just perfect!

And here's mine! I used Feed Company and Boathouse fabrics.  It's now on our coffee table with some Fourth of July decorations!

We had so many beautiful Summer Star Minis in the parade this month.

But this is only half of the parade!

If you haven't seen the other minis, be sure to go over and visit Sherri at her blog A Quilting Life to see the rest of the parade.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Summer Star Mini of the Fourth Of July

Hey everybody! The beginning of July is quickly approaching.  How could that be?

That means the parade for Minis and More is coming up very soon.

I finished mine last week, quilting and all!

I used Feed Company fabric for the block and Boathouse fabric for the binding and back.

I just couldn't resist those Boathouse stripes when I saw them at my LQS.

I was able to get them to match up almost perfectly. All. The. Way. Around. The. Quilt.

Why do I insist on doing that with striped bindings?

Its a pain and it takes awhile.....don't ask how long.....but I just like it that way.

The quilting is straight line quilting that I did with my walking foot.

 It's ready for the Fourth!

The Minis and More Parade is just days away!

Send in your pictures to Sherri and I as soon as you can.

The ones I've seen look amazing!!!

Then, visit both Sherri at A Quilting Life and me right here at Island Life Quilts, to see the parade on July first.

Be sure to grab our new blog button for Minis and More if you'd like.

If you need more information read all about it HERE

This week I'll be finishing up a WIP from last year.  It's a Fourth of July quilt top that I made for the Fourth last year, that I'm hoping to have finished by the Fourth of July this year!  Wish me luck!

I just need to trim the edges and add the binding.  I think I'll make it!  Choosing the binding is what was holding me back.  I've got a few minutes before we watch a movie to stay out of this heat, so maybe I can at least get the quilt trimmed tonight.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Minis and More blog button

Happy Monday!

Did you happen to notice the brand new Minis and More blog button is available?

Feel free to grab it from my sidebar and add it to your blog if you'd like.

The image above might be too big, so be sure to use the one on my sidebar for the best results.

Both of my sons are interested in computer science, and my youngest was able to make the button for Sherri and I to use for Minis and More.  Thank you, Aidan!

I'm hoping everyone is looking forward to the first Minis and More parade next week on Sherri's blog and here on mine too!

If you'd like more information about it check out my post HERE.

It's not too late to join us! Summer Star Mini is a quick, fun mini quilt so you still have plenty of time.

Don't forget to email Sherri or I the picture of your mini quilt and a link to your blog too, before the first of the July, if you'd like to be included in the Minis and More parade.

Email Sherri if your first name starts with the letters A-L

Email me if your first name starts with the letters M-Z

This will be my first time putting one together and I'm really excited to see what you've done!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

An amazing find

My husband recently returned from a trip to Dubai in the UAE.

Much to my delight he was able to make a quick visit to a nearby IKEA there and pick up some Britten Nummer fabric for me!

I've had my eye on this fabric for awhile, as I've heard it makes wonderful backing and it looks great too.

It is wide!

Wider than I was expecting it to be! 

The nearest IKEA to my house is three hours away, and I always thought I'd make a trip there someday when we were passing by and get some Britten Nummer fabric to try out.

Little did I know that IKEA would stop selling it in the US.  Oh no!  What to do?

I did a little research and discovered that it was still available in other parts of the world, so my sweet husband got some for me when he had the chance.

He was certainly nice to carry a suitcase full of fabric around for me!

He loves his quilter!

On the 'never having been to an IKEA' subject, we plan to remedy that when we go on vacation this summer.

How can we have never tried their Swedish Meatballs?

Well we have tried to make them ourselves, with lots of success I might add!

My family loves this Almost Famous Swedish Meatball Recipe from Food Network Kitchens.  Lingonberry Jam and all! 

In fact, that's what my husband asked for for Father's Day!  Nothing else! Just the Swedish Meatball dish.

That's why there is a trip to IKEA in our future.

Now the question is, how many of those aqua craft carts do you think he'll let me fit in the car while we drive around to different places while on vacation?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Minis and More starts today!

Happy Monday!  Welcome to Minis and More!   

Let's get started by announcing the pattern for the July Parade.

It will be Summer Star Mini created by my co-host Sherri from A Quilting Life.

We thought this pattern would be perfect for the July Parade.

The most obvious reason being that it's named Summer Star Mini and I know we're all excited about the start of summer.

Only three more half days of school left here and I'm really ready for summer vacation to begin!

Since many of you will be taking a vacation this month, or maybe you are just putting your feet up and relaxing at home like me, we thought this pattern would be quick and easy, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy summer activities.

I made my Summer Star Mini with Feed Company fabric in two evenings with no problem at all.  I cut, did some sewing, and decided on fabric placement one evening, and then I did the rest of the sewing the next evening.

It was a fun mini to make and I'm really happy with it!

I'm hoping to have it quilted and bound this week, so I can have it out and enjoy it, but please don't hold me to that. There's lots going on here because of the end of the school year.

If you're interested in joining us, the pattern is available HERE.

Be sure to use the code SummerStar1 through Friday to get $3 off the pattern.

Then simply make your quilt top, or even show it to us quilted if you have time.

Send a picture and a link to where it's posted in your blog if you have one to-

Sherri if your first name starts with the letters A-L

or to me if your first name starts with the letters M-Z

On the first of the month, or the first Monday if it falls on the weekend, you can see the quilts in the Parade on Sherri's blog and here on my blog too.

It's so interesting to see what everyone does with the pattern!

We are also announcing the pattern for the Parade at the beginning of August too!

So you can get started on it, or if you are like me you can ponder your fabric selection for even longer!

The pattern for the August Parade is by Corey Yoder from Little Miss Shabby.

It's called Sweetness (a trio of mini quilts)  and you can find it HERE.

There are actually three mini quilts in this pattern.  Choose the one you want to make for August!

All three are beautiful!  I don't know which to choose!

I'm so glad you stopped by for Minis and More.

Be sure to read my last post announcing Minis and More if you'd like.

See you at the July Parade!