Monday, February 1, 2016

The February First Minis and More Parade

The last month of winter!  Before you know it we'll be welcoming spring!

For today's Minis and More Parade we'll start out with Patty's table runner.  

Patty from the blog A Stitch In Time used Road 15 fabric by Sweetwater to make a table runner using the blocks from Sherri's Hope Chest Mini, the pattern for this month's parade. This mini lends itself well to a table runner version.  Patty's fabric choices make it great for use any time of year!

Sandy did a post on her blog Loves To Quilt and included a picture of her mini quilt for this month's parade.  She used Kansas Troubles fabric from scraps of her stash in an effort to use some of it up. Great use of scraps Sandy!  It's beautiful!

Mary sent in a picture of the front of her Hope Chest Mini and one of the back too, so we could see the beautiful pantograph she used in better detail. I also love that she used the border fabric in the blocks. Lots of flowers just in time for spring! You can read more about Mary's mini on her blog Needledmom.

And here's mine, now all quilted and bound.  I was happy to be able to use only fabrics that I already had on hand for this one, including some Me and My Sisters fabric that I had left over from a baby quilt that I made last year and some Kona Snow for the background.  And I was able to get the stripes on the binding matched up all the way around!

Be sure to view the other half of the parade on Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life.

As far as next month's pattern goes, Sherri and I have chosen Mini Clambake by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms!

It's a little different than a quilt made up of quilt blocks, so it should be fun!

I was able to locate the pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop and in Camille's shop too in both PDF and paper form.

  We're really looking forward to making this one and seeing what you all come up with!

Don't forget to email one of us a picture of your quilt and maybe a bit about it when you're finished.

Have a great week and be sure to do some happy sewing!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hazel Pouch Trio

Today I'm going to show you pictures of the finished bag from the Hazel Pouch Trio Pattern that I tested for Jennie of Clover and Violet.

It's a cute bag!

It's a very versatile pattern too, with three different size options.

This is the largest size of the bags in the pattern.

I plan to keep some hand sewing in it so I can pick it up and take it with me when I'm on the go.

For that reason, I went with the option of leaving out the dividers inside the bag and going with more open space.

There are big deep pockets on the inside where I can keep some smaller sewing items.

I used Prairie fabric for the accent squares and Maker fabric for the background.

I'm not a fan of white bags, but this one just had to be made, there was no resisting!

I love this fabric combo and you can be sure I'll use it again.

For more information and pictures of the bag in progress you can check out my post HERE.

In other news, in the continuing effort to keep my blog up to date and refreshed I've removed a few inactive blog buttons and I've also removed a few blogs from my blogroll.

 I've only removed blogs that haven't had posts for two or more years. I figure if you haven't written a post in two years you have probably decided to stop blogging.

If this isn't the case and you decide to continue to blog or to reactivate your blog button, please let me know because you are missed and I'll be more than happy to put you back on.

   Have a great week!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Minis and More in 2016

Welcome to the first Minis and More Parade of 2016!

Usually I can't get my Christmas decorations down and put away fast enough, but this year I'm being pretty slow about it and I'm sad to see them go.  Maybe its because of the crazy warm weather we had over the holidays.  If I remember correctly it was 83 here on Christmas Day!

Well warm or not its time to move on to the New Year, and Sherri and I are excited about what we have in store for you for Minis and More in 2016.

Today its a small, but wonderful Parade, as I'm sure many of you were busy with plans over the holidays.

Hildy made this beautiful Christmas tree pillow by combining two of our pattern choices for December,  Oh Christmas Tree by Amy Rivera and Christmas Baubles by Jen Daly, both available in the Moda Bake Shop.  She can use this pillow all year.  I love how Hildy comes up with creative ways to use the patterns and this one is no exception!

Nancy E. made this adorable mini pattern by Camille Roskelley for a friend at 
Christmas and she sent it in.  This pattern is wonderful!  That cute checked binding is perfect!  Nancy used First Crush by Sweetwater for her fabric.  I think that's a brand new line of fabric, out just in time for Valentine's Day. 

During December I was able to squeeze in time to make Abundantly Blessed by by Bonnie Olaveson of Cotton Way.  I had a great time making this quilt!  Cathedral Windows have always been a favorite of mine and add the quilt as you go method and this is definitely a winner in my book!  I used Charlevoix fabric by Minick and Simpson and some Moda Bella Solid Off White too.  You can read more about it HERE if you're interested.

I'm so excited to tell you about the pattern we've picked out for the February parade!

It's Sherri's brand new pattern Hope Chest Mini!

Remember the Hope Chest pattern I tested for her a few months back?

 It's one of my favorite patterns ever! 

So when she sent me the mini to look at just a few days ago, I asked if it was possible to have it out in time to introduce as the pattern for Minis and More this month.

The PDF is on sale in Sherri's Etsy shop until Friday for the reduced price of $3.50 with the code minihopechest.

If you're interested in the paper version there will be a short wait of 1-2 weeks until the paper pattern is available.

The Hope Chest Mini is a great way to use up some scraps or a few precuts you have left over from a larger project, but couldn't bear to part with.

I walked right past that pile of laundry and all of the Christmas decorations that are begging to be taken down this morning, so I could get my Hope Chest Mini finished up and show it to you!

I'm looking forward to seeing your version at the end of the month!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Abundantly Blessed

During the holiday break, I've been able to complete my Abundantly Blessed quilt!

I'm so happy with this one!

Both Sherri and I were really excited about using this pattern by Bonnie Olaveson of Cotton Way as one of the featured patterns for Minis and More this month.

There were two other fun patterns to choose from that I was tempted to make, but this one has been on my list for so long.

It's a quilt as you go pattern and with no binding at all, so it was finished in no time!

  In fact, mine has the label on it and everything.

That has got to be some kind of a record for me!

There was a Layer Cake of Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson that I've had for awhile that has been languishing in my stash waiting for just the right project. 

After much consideration, I broke down and cut it into charm squares to use for this project and hopefully a for a few more too.

It was a hard decision to cut it down, but I'm glad I did. 

Am I the only one who has trouble doing that?

The solid I used was Moda Bella Solid Off White.  I put it on in two layers to make the frayed edges more full.  I'm happy with how that worked.

Oh, and I shortened my stitch length a little too, since I knew it was going to get washed right away.

The Abundantly Blessed pattern calls for a 1/4 inch seam allowance and I made mine a bit smaller to keep the fraying on the edges down.

I found that decision to be both good and bad.

Good, in that it did keep the fraying down a bit, but bad, in that I did cut it a bit too close in a few areas and had to do a little resewing.

But that wasn't the end of the world, and I think I'd do it again if I was going for less fraying.

And I definitely plan on making one of these again!

I see this quilt being used this Spring and Summer and maybe being hung on my new quilt ladder when its not in use.

I love the cathedral window look to it.

I've always loved cathedral window quilts!

Be sure to join us on Monday for the Minis and More Parade.

You can find half on the blog of my friend Sherri and the other half right here at the beginning of the New Year.

I can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

See you then!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's the December Minis and More Parade!

This was a fun month!

I always love free choice of a pattern for the Parade.

It's fun to see the same pattern made so many different ways, but I also enjoy seeing what everyone chooses when the pattern is up to them!  You can find half of the parade here, and the other half is on Sherri's blog A Quilting Life.

Patty D. from A Stitch In Time is starting the parade today with her Twelve Days of Christmas mini quilt.  She fussy cut the fabric to put the Twelve Days Of Christmas front and center.  A very fun and modern Christmas mini!  The paper piecing pattern Patty used was from the blog Piece By Number.

Mindy send her Mini Nordic Sampler made with Holly Tree Farm fabric for the Parade.  The pattern is by Sherri Falls.  The Christmas theme is perfect for December!  I especially love the ornament and the wreath blocks!

This Joy To The World table runner was made by Mary from the blog Needledmom.  She added the words with machine embroidery and she used fun red music fabric, perfect for this runner! Mary played off of an idea she had when making a large Silent Night Quilt from Seams and Dreams.

Here's the mini I made this month!  It's the Vintage Tulip Mini by Thimbleblossoms that we did a few months back, but I ran out of time to get mine done, so this was the perfect motivation for me to get that pattern out and get it completed! The fabric is mostly by V and Co.  

And moving on to next month, you have three patterns to choose from this time!

You can choose between two free Christmas themed patterns found in the Moda Bakeshop or a quilt pattern appropriate for anytime of the year,  Abundantly Blessed by Bonnie Olaveson of Cotton Way

Abundantly Blessed is a small Cathedral Window-like quilt that uses a raw edge quilt-as-you-go method.  So if this is the quilt you choose, you'll be finished with the whole thing, quilting and all, once you are finished with the top! I do love a Cathedral Window quilt and I've been interested in trying this pattern for awhile!

The first of the two Christmas themed choices is the Oh, Christmas Tree Quilt by Amy Rivera.  Its a quilt pattern with a more modern look to it, but I can see it looking amazing with any kind of fabric.  It uses half square triangles and Amy says it goes together quickly and easily.  I'm sure you can have it finished in time for Christmas!

The other Christmas themed option is another Moda Bakeshop pattern called Christmas Baubles by Jen Daly.  This pattern uses mini charms, a bit of gray fabric, and some background fabric to make an ornament tree all ready for the holiday!

Enjoy picking your pattern and sewing your mini quilt for the January parade.

I thought I knew which one I wanted to make, but now I'm not so sure.......

Don't forget to run over to Sherri's blog A Quilting Life to see the rest of the parade.  I'm excited to see what everyone has made over there!

If you have any questions about how the Parade works or what to do to join in, email me here or email Sherri at A Quilting Life and we'll fill you in.  Everyone is welcome!   

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vintage Tulips...The mini one!

Bright and happy!

That's how I would describe my Mini Vintage Tulips quilt!

I used mostly V and Co. Color Me Happy fabric with a bit of Daysail and a few other lines thrown in to make the tulips and the stems consistent in color.

This was so enjoyable to make that now the big tulip quilt is on my ever-growing list of projects that I want to do.

 I'm pretty sure I'll never get to the end of that list.......

But that's a good thing, right??

I did make one 'small' error in this mini.

It seemed pretty obvious to me once I found it, but it must not be that bad because I didn't see it until I had it almost all finished!

My family couldn't find it either until I directed them to the spot, then they said they would have never noticed.

Do you see where it is??

I decided not to fix it, which pretty odd for me.  Normally I match every seam exactly and I'm pretty particular about my quilts.

I'm not usually in the, "If you can't see the mistake while you're sitting on the back of a horse that's galloping past the quilt, then don't worry about it" camp.  Not even close.

But this time, I think I can live with it!

I've got to spend my time getting to the next quilt on that list, right?

My Christmas decorations are up and the pumpkin pie leftovers are in the fridge, so it's time to get on to December!

That means the Minis and More parade will be here soon.

In fact, it will be here and on Sherri's blog this Tuesday.

Come back and visit then and see the minis that the group has made and find out what we'll be up to next!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's tulip time!

Well, it's not tulip time outside I guess.

 In my sewing area, that's another matter!

In fact, we are putting the decorations on our Christmas tree today.

Yes, it is a little early and I'm not looking at it as skipping Thanksgiving at all.  It's just that my kids are home for the week of Thanksgiving and they enjoy decorating the tree and getting the Christmas decorations out.  If I wait until after Thanksgiving, they are back to school and getting ready for exams, so there's no time for trimming the tree.  So before Thanksgiving it is! 

Now about the tulips!

For my Minis and More project this month, I decided to make a Vintage Tulips Mini by Thimble Blossoms since this month is free choice and I didn't make the Tulip Mini when it was the chosen pattern of the month.

The fabrics I'm using are mostly Color Me Happy with a few others thrown in to make the color combos work.  I just needed to add a few pinks and a light green from my stash to get the look I wanted.

Now I'm off  to finish it up!

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the United States!