Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Minis and More Parade Day!

Hey everyone! 

Can you believe its September already?  I know I can't!

It seems like just yesterday I was wondering what we'd be doing this summer, and now its gone.

  My kids have gone back to school and everything!  I might even get my fall decorations out this week.  That might be pushing it when it's still so hot here in Florida, but I've got to make my own fall here, because we don't have much of it in this area and it's my favorite season.

Time to start the parade!

If you remember, the pattern we were working on in August was Mini Juniper by Joanna Figureoa of Fig Tree Quilts.  We have lots of quilters who have a head start on their holiday sewing!

Mindy made her's using beautiful, soft colored FigTree fabric for the blocks. The border is a bit wider on her quilt because she plans to do something different to finish it off.  I can't wait to see what it is!

Kansas Troubles fabric is what Nancy choose to make her Mini Juniper wall hanging with this month.  She picked Kansas Troubles so it would go with her other Christmas quilts. Nancy made her version with fewer blocks.  Beautiful mini Nancy!

Kristen from the blog Meadowbrook made this lovely version.  She had such a good time making her's she plans to make another using some lighter fabrics to change it up a bit.  Kristen may or may not add the outer border depending on if she finds the perfect fabric for it, because she is very happy with it right now. I love that the reds she used are so bright and cheery!

Christmas text fabric and tree fabric too!  Karen is happy to have a holiday project finished.  Her Mini Juniper is bound and ready to go.  I love the background she used here.  It makes her Junipers really stand out.

Here's mine!  I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the angles when I looked at the pattern for the first time, and I wasn't so sure I was going to enjoy making this one, but it turns out that I couldn't stop making those little trees! I even made extra trees! I loved it!  It was fun to have some challenging, but definitely doable sewing, in a cute little mini quilt.

Okay, drumroll please.......

The next pattern we'll be making is one from Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms!

A big thank you to Sherri for letting me use her photo of the pattern.

 I don't know about you, but I'm really excited about making one of Camille's mini quilts.

They are so little and sweet!

My guess is that you can find all the fabric you need somewhere in your stash.  You simply need a charm pack and a fat quarter of background fabric to make the quilt top.

I've only ever made one of Camille's minis so far, but that's certainly going to change this month!

Send your Mini Vintage Tulip pictures and your link, if you'd like one to be included, before October first to

Sherri if your first name starts with A-L
or to me if your first name starts with M-Z

so we can include you in next month's Parade.  We'd love to see your tulip mini quilt!

Don't forget to see the rest of the Parade, this is only half of it, on Sherri's blog A Quilting Life and be sure to stay tuned to hear about this quarter's Minis and More prize winners.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mini Juniper

I'd love to say that I'm finished with all my holiday projects after completing this Mini Juniper quilt top, but truth be told I've got a long, long way to go! Even with this quilt top!

I do have the binding chosen, and the backing too, and that's a start.

I'm using a red fabric that goes with the sashing squares for the binding, and for the backing its going to be a Dear Santa text print that's been in my stash forever.

Maybe it wouldn't have been my choice for this mini if I didn't already have it, but at some point you've got to use the fabric you've got on something, right?

Speaking of using the fabric you've got, I'm pleased to say that all of this quilt top fabric was from my stash!

 Yes, you read that right.

Who says you have to use Christmas themed fabric in a Christmas quilt? 

I used a Road 15 fat eighth bundle that I've taken pieces from here and there for other things. 

  I was a bit concerned that when the right project of this bundle came along there wouldn't be enough of it left, but this worked out perfectly.

I did change the border in my Mini Juniper from the one in the pattern instructions.

Mine is scrappy, so I could use those fat eighths, and its much wider too.  Some of it may get trimmed off in the end, once I've definitely decided how I'm going to quilt it.

Right now I'm thinking some kind of straight line quilting in the sashing and in the border, and then maybe some big stitch hand quilting around the trees.

 I just started doing my first big stitch hand quilting, besides some practice, last night on my Sweetness Floret mini quilt top.  I love the way its going! I'll have to take some pictures and fill you in on that later.

By the way, this was one fun mini quilt to make!

If you are considering it, you should definitely give it a try at some point.  The angles and the trimming made it so much fun!  I gave a few tips for you, and for me, in my last post if you're interested.

 I still need to get to my extra trees.  Maybe for a festive table runner?

So, I may not be all ready for Christmas, but I am ready for the Minis and More Parade next week!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Christmas in August

Today I finished on my trees for the Mini Juniper quilt we're making for Minis and More.

It was so fun to work with angles again!

It's been awhile since I've done any cutting or sewing with angles, and although I admit I was a little hesitant at first, its turned out to be a blast!

 I'm so sad that I've made all nine trees, that I may have cut a few extra strips.

In fact, I'm enjoying this one so much I've actually cut enough extra strips that I can make nine more trees! It's truly addictive!

My first tree did not turn out as nice as my last one. 

Since I cut enough to make some extra trees, I'm saving the first one for another purpose, maybe a mug rug or even an ornament.

I learned a few things that helped me get more consistent, straight trees and more accurate space around the edges.

I'm writing these tips down for you, if you are interested in them, and for me so I can remember what I did when I go to make more trees later.

Tips for Mini Juniper

I found that trimming the pieced strips after I added the bottom dotted triangles really helped when the pieced strips were sewn together to form the tree.

Using my Fons and Porter 60 degree Triangle Ruler to trim the edges of the pieced tree made my tree much neater.  I lined up the center line on the ruler with the center line of the tree and trimmed the sides of the tree.

I also used the 60 degree Triangle Ruler to trim off the tree bottom to a quarter inch, after adding the background side pieces.  Again, lining up the center line of the ruler with the center line of the tree and making sure the line I was cutting was perpendicular to the center line of the tree.

Lastly, I used my Fit To Be Quarter Ruler to do the final trimming of the block.  I could quickly see where the quarter inch lines were on the ruler to ensure I had a quarter inch on the sides of my tree.

You could definitely use other rulers here, these are just what I had that worked best for me.

The first block was a little tricky, but now I don't want to stop making them!

But now I'm off to cut the sashing for this and put dinner in the oven.  Today was the first day of school here and surely the teenage boy is hungry!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Minis and More Parade on a Monday

It's time for the Minis and More Parade!

Sherri and I decided to do the Parade on Monday this year, if the first fell on the weekend.  The first happened to be on a weekend this month, and now its Monday, so here we go!

The pattern we used in this Parade was called Sweetness-A Trio Of Mini Quilts by Corey Yoder.

Its an amazing group of three mini quilt pattern all in one spot!

The Floret mini quilt pattern from Sweetness seemed to be a popular choice.

First up today is Mary from the blog NeedledMom.  She calls her mostly orange Floret mini quilt, 'Hot Summer Days'. Mary followed the color guidelines of a challenge she was involved in and did an awesome job of combining oranges, pinks, yellows, and even a bit of aqua too!  

Mindy used some Kansas Troubles fabrics she had to make the Floret design from the pattern into a tablerunner!  Putting the blocks on point gives them a totally different look.  It looks like Mindy will be ready for fall!


And if you saw the Parade last month, I'm sure you remember Hildy's wonderful bag she made with some of her Reunion scraps!  She incorporated last month's pattern, Summer Star Mini, with one of  this month's Sweetness patterns to make this really cute bag.

And here is another one of Hildy's!  She also made Gingersnap from the pattern trio!  The Kona solid Nautical background she used really makes her quilt pop, and she used some Scrumptious scraps too. Even in the binding!

This Floret mini was created by Nancy E. She is happy with the Kansas Troubles fabric she used to create her two block quilt. It looks wonderful!  Two blocks and a wider border is a fun change to this pattern. I may have to make another and put some blocks in this setting too.

Béa finished a cheerful Gingersnap mini with her Aurifil mini BOM leftovers.  Because her scraps were about the same size as the pattern, she used them as is and this changed the size of her finished quilt as a result. The orange and blue make a great combo!

And here's mine. I used Sherri and Chelsi's soon to be released fabric Bright Sun  and another 'coming to you soon line' Tucker Prairie by One Canoe Two.

I won both of these mini charm packs in a recent Moda giveaway and I was thrilled with how they look together in my Floret mini!

And of course, don't forget to see the other half of the Minis and More Parade today on Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life.

We hope you'll send in your picture for next month's parade on September 1st.

We'll be giving away Minis and More prizes this year!  They will be awarded quarterly.  Each project you've done in a quarter gives you one chance for the quarterly prize, so keep on sewing!

 The next pattern we'll be using is Mini Juniper by Fig Tree and Co. for the September Parade.  You'll be ready for the holidays!

Thanks for joining us!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Floret finished

I love, love, love this mini quilt!  Should I really say that about my own quilt?

I don't care if I should or not, I'm just going to say it anyway.  This has to be one of my favorites ever!

I'm not sure why exactly. It just sticks out as a fun one to me.

I especially love the fabrics! 

The Bright Sun and the Tucker Prairie fabrics play so nicely together, and unless you're new here you know how much I like using different lines of fabric mixed together in the same quilt.

This is an amazing pattern too.

It's one of three adorable mini quilts from the pattern Sweetness (A Trio of Mini Quilts) by Corey Yoder.

Simple, and yet there's lots to look at at the same time.  I loved that the cutting was quick and easy.

  That's my least favorite part of quilting, the cutting.  So I always appreciate when it can be done quickly!

I'm looking forward to starting another pattern from this Sweetness trio!

There are two other adorable mini quilts to choose from in the pattern.

Which one to choose is going to be the problem.

 Please join Sherri and I for the Minis and More Parade this Monday to see more quilts made with the Sweetness pattern.

Today is the first, usually the Parade day, but we decided to put the Parade on Monday this year if the first fell on a weekend.

That means you still have some time if you haven't sent your picture and link to us yet.

See you back here on Monday!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Floret progress for Minis and More

I've made lots of progress on my mini quilt, Floret from the Sweetness(a trio of mini quilts) pattern by Corey Yoder.

And that's a good thing, since the Minis and More Parade is coming up very soon!

The fabrics I'm using are a mix of two not yet released lines, Bright Sun by Sherri and Chelsi, and also Tucker Prairie by One Canoe Two. 

I love how well they're going together!  Very cheery, bright and vibrant!

This was the first time I've ever had fabric before it was available for sale, so it was quite a treat for me! 

I was lucky enough to be a winner of Moda's "I Didn't Get To Go To Market Giveaway" a few months ago and that's how these brand new fabrics ended up on my doorstep.

I'm thrilled to have both new lines in my Floret Mini!  

Wondering about the thread in the picture above?

 I am too!

The big stitch quilting craze has pulled me in, so I'm giving it a try on my Floret Mini.

Any tips of suggestions?

I fell in love with the big stitch quilting on Corey's Floret mini quilt and I'm going to shameless copy what she did.

I couldn't find size 8 perle cotton in any bright pretty colors in my area, I had read that was a good size thread to use, so I went with size 12 Valdani that I found a my LQS instead.

I hope it works well with a size 9 Embroidery needle, because I bought some of those too.

I can't wait to get started!

I guess I had better finish sewing my blocks together first!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Farm Girl Days

Time for an update on my Farm Girl Vintage progress!

It was slow going for me at first.

I had a difficult time picking out the fabrics for each block. 

The more I make, the faster I seem to be able to pick out the fabrics.  I guess I have a better idea of the look I'm going for than I did at the very beginning.

I do have a few other blocks done now, but its rainy outside and not a good time to take another picture, so I'll have to include them next time.

I'm having a great time with these blocks!

Are you doing the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along too?  Are you caught up? 

I hope to be caught up in the next few weeks.  This summer has been busier than I expected.

I thought I'd have no problem doing two blocks a week, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Behind me right now there are some fabric piles with sticky notes on them.

Fabric waiting to be cut up and sewn together in a Farm Girl Vintage block.

I'd better get cutting!